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  1. Sorry, I thought I was in his thread that listed his mods. I will see about moving it to a PM.
  2. Hi Khaine, I would love to use the chainsaw as a weapon. Any chance you could make a mod that would allow this so I don't have to mess with my xml files?
  3. Is there a ZIP file of this somewhere to grab because I have no clue how to download this modlet from Github. Just my luck, eh?
  4. Any chance we could get a modlet that enables us to craft steel bars instead of settling for just the iron bars? Thanks!
  5. I specifically came looking for the DF mod for A19 as I didn't know when it was expected to drop so now I know. I guess I'll have to hunker down and deal with vanilla until DF comes out. I enjoy this mod much more than just the normal game made by TFP. In all honesty, if vanilla was all there was to play -- I'd find a new game.
  6. Actually, I PREFER your backpack buttons over the ones currently added to the game. LOL
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