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  1. How hard would it be for you vehicle modders to add construction equipment to the vehicle list. Like dump trucks, front end loafers, bulldozers, motor graders, asphalt machines etc...? And maybe a tool where you could mass dig an area a certain amount of blocks wide and a certain amount of locks deep? Tie it into certain equipment? Just spit balling here. The more that's in the game the more immersive it is, at least for me. Thanks for any responses
  2. Started completely new with fresh nitrogen map as well
  3. Thanks for always answering my sometimes newbish questions. I still

    am having no luck with vehicle madness. I have eliminated all other vehicle mods and still I see no difference. Is it just a drop in mod folder Modlet? Something to do with SDX? Would love this mod to work for me so any help you can give would be apprexiated

    1. Gouki




      You just have to extract it in the Mods folder of the game.


      7 Days To Die> Mods


      The Vehicle Madness mod folder should stay like this inside the Mods folder.


      7 Days To Die> Mods> VehicleMadness_Overhaul_Beta1


      Make sure to start a new game, because it requires it.

    2. Adimar


      I am running warnof the walkers overhaul. I've been putting vehicle madness in that mod folder. Should it go into the games root directory mods folder?

  4. I downloaded the newest version of vehicle madness for alpha 19. And as usual I just dropped in the mods folder. Thing is I can't get it register in game. No recipes, spawns or anything. Maybe I'm missing something is why I'm asking. I have no other vehicle mods in the folder just vehicle madness. Any direction or help would be appreciated
  5. How would one go about adding more vehicle spawns into the world? I've already up'd the blockplaceholders.xml with high probabilities but there doesn't seem to be more vehicles. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for any responses
  6. I have downloaded and installed this mod ( thanks for all the hard work ) but I can't seem to get any spawns to show. It was a new save. Does it hurt than I have ac vehicle mod and bdubs vehicle mod installed as well? Any help would be appreciated
  7. I understand where to look for the power in blocks but not quite understanding what im seeing In your items reference? If I take the integer down to 0 that would mean that block does not require power to operate I presume? But what are you exactly showing me in the items.xml? I see the junkturret but what line am I adjusting? Sorry to be so elementary but any response is appreciated
  8. Hello guys just a real quick question. I am pretty adept at adjusting xml files but only have recently started watching modding tutorials. I hope to eventually get good enough to make my own mod. My question is where would I look/adjust in the xml files to make it so my items needing electricity dot require it? Meaning they'll operate without power. I play solo and am resting some things as I learn to mod. I assume it's in the items.xml but what specific line of code am I looking for? Thanks for any answers it is appreciated
  9. Curious guys I am by no means a modder but I am decently adept at adjusting the config XMLs to adjust gameplay to my liking. I have recently downloaded the ravenhurst mod ( awesome job by these guys ) and adjusted it to my play style ( I only play solo ). I know before when I would adjust these files I could edit what spawned on the street or in certain biomes. An example would be supply drop crates spawning in the road or backpacks spawning in the roll forest biome. This was alpha 16 or so. Now with the addition of the mod folder I know I have to go there to edit any installed mods. The prob
  10. Hello guys I have a quick question. I played 7DTD up until I believe alpha 16. During that time I was able to easily adjust the game files by editing the xml to my specific play style ( I play solo ). Even with big mods like starvation I was still able to simply go into the data folder and adjust the game to play like I wanted it to. My question is with the new mods folder if I install say ravenhurst mod where would I go to adjust the mod to play to my specific specifications? Would that still be in the 7DTD data folder or would I have to go to the mods folder and adjust each and every mod? I
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