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  1. Ok. But My Comp. is slow... Maybe I'll set to generate when I go to sleep. I brag on your mod a lot in the steam forums btw.
  2. What about the pre-built map...is that available in the start options or do I need to DL it here? Thanks BTW.
  3. So If I use the current launcher I dont need the hot fix? Is this available in the new game setup or must I download it here?
  4. Man this mod is really fun. Though there are tougher overhauls, this one is by no means a cake walk. Thanks FranticDan!
  5. Ok, thats what I hoped...one particular feature I LOVE is the terrain and shrubbery. The forest feels like a forest, fallen tree logs, tall grass, bushes etc... and you added sounds while moving across each....really cool.
  6. Thanks again for the mod brother. 7 days to die is scary again.....and lethal. When you said dont make a sound at night you were not kidding. Hiding up in a water tower..opening and closing some chest...the zeds seemed to be banging on the tower a little. They sounded a little too close so I decided to open the hatch for a peak. BAM!!!! two zeds bash my face in..... Scared the crap out of me and i think i pee'd a little..... To be clear if I die...I can just start with a new seed for a map that was generated inside the mod, correct?
  7. Yeah thats what i thought. So just tried it generating new world inside your mod...worked great......died twice in an hour....lol....this is why I love your mod...most other mods are not tough enough. ps. You clearly stated as much about maps, I was in too much of a hurry.....
  8. So just reporting back in... yeah the mod launcher just needed an update. Once updated the mod opened correctly. One thing though, all food piles, ammo pies, etc...where not displayed correctly and could not be interacted with. If you chopped them you would get a green structure block. Now I need to mention, I might have used a map for another mod...so gonna retest now with a standard map.
  9. k brother...will try it then, I assume it contains the patch for 19.3?
  10. Mod launcher is not downloading from git hub. I know you posted an additional link but I really suck at manual installation. Mod launcher keeps saying error DL'ing.... er.. no that I thunk about it I need to update ML. Sorry to be a bother.... I'll report back later....
  11. This is my favorite mod to be sure. Is a patch needed for 19.3?.... I mean it says "this patch" but I see no DL links. Be gentile I am kinda new here. Oh NM the link is on the OP. sorry...
  12. (NM) Fixed?Hey JAX or anyone who can help. I accidentally removed the journal quest. How can I get it Back? ps. I tried searching the forums but had no luck.
  13. Im sure its just me. But The anvil is made in the blacksmith forge... but you need an anvil to make the blacksmith forge.... so im stuck unless im supposed to find one.....
  14. Yeah now that i put some time in its not a problem anymore.
  15. your game must be borked because there are clearly listed negative buffs... dirty...then grimy...then minor infectio
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