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  1. I'm pretty sure they are not downloading. When I open the mod folder only the ones that show in the modlauncher are there. Is there something I should screen shot for you the see? If so you'll have to walk me through it I'm pretty ignorant on how all this stuff works. Once again all was fine till the modlauncher update. Thanks for the help
  2. Sphereii I'm have a weird problem since the update. Only some of the apps will download. The ones that do have an update showing, when I click on it , it goes thru the download but doesn't actually update. yes I have done multiple deletes and installs. No luck Thanks
  3. Khaine I think I found a bug with the survival torches. When holding them they work just fine. But when I place them on the wall they don't give off any light. When I remove them from the wall they turn into regular torches and work as intended. Great mod btw. Appreciate all the modders keeping 7dtd fun.
  4. True gpc. Guys if you really need the time go survivor class and build a radio. it is suppose to give you the time. if it's really bothering you just go to the console type in Dm for creative mode. Hit the escape key and the time of day is on the right. Please stop bugging the modders with these little annoyances . I for one don't want them to get pissed off and stop making mods because people can't appreciate all they do for free.
  5. Thanks Dracos. I'll give it a shot. Fingers crossed haven't tried to edit an xml yet. About time I started
  6. Question about the protection class. I am at lvl 100 , armor crafting at lvl 9 I still can't make kevlar armor. It is greyed out in the station. I'm pretty sure I have met all the requirements. Any guidance would be appreciated.
  7. I got the same thing. Only with the marksman quest. I tested all the others out no problem with them.
  8. I get that also. I'm not sure if it's the buildings or the new Zed's.
  9. floorman

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Thanks Val for the update
  10. floorman

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Don't know if this is a bug with Val or normal. I'm using overhaul and started to paint. I noticed I don't use any of the paint.
  11. floorman

    A16 Valmod Pack

    You need to level your carpentry skill to lvl 20 before you can make a storage chest. It's pretty easy to do. Male log cabin blocks to lvl 5 next make secure wooden doors to lvl 10. wood frames and doors to 20. if you are trying to make the storage box you need to have a handsaw in the workbench.
  12. floorman

    A16 Valmod Pack

    I believe you need 20 in carpentry. Make a bunch of frames or secure doors.
  13. floorman

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Take your time Val we appreciate all you do. Hope things work out for you.
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