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  1. I've not been any closer to stopping these leaping zombies. It looks SO unnatural looking and I HATE it. This is why I stopped playing the game and it looks like no one is any closer to finding a way to stop these zombies from leaping. I understand why it was added. People were digging trenches and just letting the herds drop into a pit. But do you stop to think about how long it takes to dig a decent pit? Not to mention trying to get good enough tools that don't break right away. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ADD A JUMPING OPTION TO TURN IT OFF! There is an option to stop them from running, so why not stop them from jumping? Is there an ego trip developer who just feels everyone should love that feature?
  2. Thanks! I'll try it out. I did like the zombies the way they were. I understand why they felt they needed to make them jump, but I was enjoying the way they were before the jumping. When creating a game you have the options of making the zombies walk, jog or run so why no option to turn off climbing and jumping? To me it just feels like someone has their view of how the undead is supposed to be and is pushing it on everyone else. Not sure what other zombie games are out there but if this one is going down the pooper by giving a rotting slab of meat with the only thought in it's decaying brain is to eat. Physically it doesn't make sense at all. I don't mind having a mix like having those spider zombies, spitting zombies but for the most part I would like to see a game with a more realistic look at how the undead would react. Personally I feel Walking Dead got their zombies how a zombie should be. I guess their is just some people who can't play a game without something crazy. Next thing they will do is add zombies with rocket launchers.
  3. Hey, I have not played this game in years and recently came back to take a look at how the game is progressing. Honestly, I really hate seeing zombies jumping. I know it seemed easier in the past to make it so zombies can't climb ladders but what about jumping? I often times have a zombie just stuck in one location and just repeating a jump over and over. Does someone have a mod suggestion for me to try? I'm more on the "Walking Dead" mind frame of zombies not these superpower undead that really don't feel like zombies anymore.
  4. I have not been on the forums for a long time and have not even played the game in several years. I didn't want to do a huge search for this question so I hope you'll all be helpful rather then upset with me asking this if it's been asked a million times before. I'm not seeing any options to turn off making it so zombies are leaping over cars and pits. I know that might have been a glitch in the game to dig pits to hold off hordes but that is how I really enjoyed the game. Now I jump in and see these athletic zombies and all I want is my "Walking Dead" experience back. I don't mind having feral zombies do things like that but to have every zombie in the game jumping around is killing my experience. There are so many times that a zombie just gets stuck in one spot and all they do the whole time is bounce up and down. So is there a mod to turn off zombie's jumping as well as getting rig of any sport ability that only a super zombie could have? As in lack of intelligence to climb ladders as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I did run across one mod called something like no athlete zombies but even with that installed my zombies are still leaping. I know some people will bark and scream that the game just isn't fun or fair unless you have those types of zombies but I personally feel there should be room for everyone's play style. I don't see why there can't be an option to just decide if you want jumping zombies or not. It can't be an option or is everyone being forced to just play that way?
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