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  1. Umm...They have signed with a new company to redo the console version. Watch a stream once in a while.
  2. I have 1175 hours in this game. I've been playing it since the terrain looked like Minecraft. I've always loved it and at some point the wife got into it as well. Now we play it together. It's literally the only thing on the market that isn't some lame fps rehash or some Indie game that dudes in panda beanies pretend is the ultimate game. That has been the case for many years now. There's just nothing like it and I doubt there ever will be. You have managed to sell millions of copies of an alpha based on a playable game with a great loop and brilliant future ideas. I'm one of the many who bought that game, knowing what it will eventually become. All the while, being able to enjoy it for what it is in the meantime. I've watched all the babies @%$# and moan about how it's taking too long, knowing that there were just a few of you working on it and that you were trying as hard as you could with your limited resources and still having streams to keep people up to date. Now you've gotten to a point where you're able to hire a larger staff. That's great! It means we will see quicker updates and new features that may have been too much for a small team to take on. Wonderful! The problem I have with this new found boost of energy you're able to apply to our beloved game is you seem to be adding things that are more 'quality of life' than features that make the game more interesting. The new models and terrain updates are definitely needed, but when I see things like Item Markers floating above the plants in the world and Drones that are apparently self-aware and make silly little quips to you, I can't help but think of many games I've loved before that became popular only to start catering to the casual crowd and streamers. Losing many devoted fans in the process. The game does not need to be easier. We already need to use mods for that. 7 Days became the most popular alpha on Steam because it had a certain atmosphere. It had a challenge to it, more so even in it's early days, but that's why it sold so well. It doesn't need silly one liners from a drone that, according to the 'lore' of the game we'd never be able to make in the first place. But somehow we can program it to follow us and say goofy @%$#. It doesn't need giant yellow markers floating above everything assuming we're just sitting at our computer drooling and need help to find something that's a foot away from where we're standing. It's nonsense, and it's killed the population of many o' good games in the past. Casuals are just that...casuals. There's plenty of games they can play if they don't have the time for a challenge. To everyone thinking this is a small nitpick: That may be the case NOW, but if the game goes in this direction, it will kill everything the game was about to begin with. I can point you to many games I loved with forums who would say to anyone even suggesting it was the wrong direction to 'Stop complaining. If you don't like it, don't play it'. That's exactly what I did, but so did millions of other people.
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