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  1. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Black-Fashion-Covers-Vehicle-Accessories/dp/B08388WTMY/ref=sr_1_11?dchild=1&keywords=7%2Bdays%2Bto%2Bdie&qid=1592901333&sr=8-11 Car Seat Covers.....Is this official stuff because it looks amazing and I want one.
  2. Would I be right in thinking that if I tried to start a game in Navisgane that an error when loading Biomes would occur? I've just had this happen 3 times and now decided to go to Random Gen. So far so good. Where would I be loading a cropped screenprint of the errors?
  3. Fresh Install after complete deletion of game info. Happened on 18.0 and 18.1 [b5] I'm losing birds shot at high altitude as when they fall, they vanish into the floor, Also, some trees are vanishing too until I am really close to them, all this from a fresh install.
  4. Hi Sphereii and thank you for your time once again. Do you still want the logs? (Not sure I'd be able to get the right ones to you though.) Managed to get this working. Although I've had no trouble with other mods installing and my Launcher is up to date, this may be because the mods were installed before the Launcher update in December 2017. I followed your instructions for the Microsoft Hot Fix (Windows 7) and restarted the Laptop. I was then able to install the mod properly. The above is in case others are having the same difficulty. I thought I had already installed this HotFix but that may have been on my PC rather than the Laptop. I had installed a Mod last month which works ok so didn't think there would be an issue.
  5. YAY.... After 4+Hrs of Install and Uninstall, I've finally got RH 3.0 to work. Sooooooooooooooo looking forward to this.
  6. Thank you however, the backpack isn't the Bigger BackPack either so I'm thinking Vanilla has installed from the Launcher instead of 3.0 :-( Spent 2.5hrs trying to install now and still not working.
  7. Please Help Installed 3.0 but it isn't showing the RavenhHearst Logo in game when I went in, in fact, it looked like Vanilla 16.4 I deleted Mod and reinstalled then clicked "Pre-Sync Mod" and got this. The following downloads will occur to install the mods for this server: - https://github.com/JaxTeller718/MainVersion/archive/master.zip - https://github.com/SphereII/7D2DPatches/raw/master/Alpha16.4/ZombieTextures/ZombieTextureOverhaul.zip Peforming Full Cloning of http://github.com/JaxTeller718/MainVersion Error Downloading... Clearning corrupted data. Just tried to go into the game again and same. Appears as Vanilla. Any ideas?
  8. JaxTeller718 This is a brilliant way to reward those whom have supported you and 'bothered' to turn up to the Discord chat. I saw it but still not sure how the Discord colour thing works or even if had to do that. Plus, my GF and I know that should we find any bugs later, we can let you know, as you say, sometimes being too close to it means you "miss the simple things" or more over, they appear not to be an issue to some. Thank you for being up front and keeping all informed, We appreciate your and the other modders efforts and time.
  9. You can make some seeds by using the Morter and Pestel but the Green Thumbs gets you lots of the basic ones, there are some you need a book for.
  10. Thank you Sphereii for your efforts. The launcher has always worked for me. - - - Updated - - - - - - Updated - - - Elevators....Has anyone managed to get these working? I've tried but I'm sure I'm missing something, like electricity or a brain!!
  11. Thank You. Muchly Appreciated. Was just about to get going on current game and didn't want to start when was a new version.
  12. Hi, Are you saying that 3.0 is now out? Post 1 still showing "Current Version 2.2" Thank you
  13. This will certainly help a lot. Gothyc, thank you for the advice, Yes the Working Oven/Working Sink etc are made in the Decoration Station. The BBQ Grill is made in the Big Forge. For others benefit - New Items are invariably made in one of these three areas: Big Forge, Advanced Workbench, Decoration Station, Tailoring Station.
  14. Thanks. The description in the crafting window doesn'tmention it, I think it's because itactually works (wall oven is a working oven). Will try your suggesron.
  15. Hi, is there a Wiki for this? I've tried to craft a working 'Wall Oven' (I have the perks) but I'm unable to find where I can do it, there is not option showing for the backpack, workbench, Advanced Workbench nor Blacksmith Station (yes I even tried there). What am I missing and I'm sure I read somewhere that I should have tools in the Advanced Workbench but see nowhere to place them. Please point me in the right direction, I'm hoping to get a Working Sink and Windmill eventually too. Thank you
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