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  1. boy don't waste your time with this person, he wont understand. some people just cant understand that the point of a game is that it has to be fun to play, and that it can have more than one way to be played. no wonder why his posts always get ignored by the developer.
  2. with every large update a fresh savegame is mandatory
  3. that's pretty much what i was trying to say in the past. otherwise with that reasoning, some random dude on the internet will jump and demand the developers to remove all the guns in game because he enjoys killing zombies with his bare hands and think guns are OP. that's how i see people complaining about nerd polling.
  4. exactly. the problem with nerd polling is that it's not a problem at all. dont like it? don't do it simple as that. people who are against that, argue that other players get to the loot faster so they end up empty handed. well, welcome to ONLINE gaming, if they want all the loot untouched online isnt for them.😏
  5. thanks Mr madmole, you made my day!😄
  6. people placing a frame, then jumping on it, and placing another one an so on, it's a gameplay style. there is even an achievement "(On TOP of the World)" that requires you to nerd pole in order to unlock it. what some people should understand is that it's just a way to play the game, wether they like it or not. im cool if people don't like to do that, and im also cool if people do it. what i don't like is when someone jumps and try to force their gameplay style to everyone, when "if" they dont want it, they can use a server that has it disabled, or they can disable it on the xml, or play offline.
  7. i mean, sure i understand that there is a bunch of people that want a zombies apocalypse to be 100% realistic, with food spoilage, no nerd poling, etc. but there are mods for that. i agree 100% with you saying that nerd poling is a problem if you want it to be a problem, i cant see that being an issue, its not a race, you are not affected if other players want to get fast loot let em be with it, it's up to each individual after all should they choose to make their own game more difficult or realistic by not allowing themselves to place frames.
  8. in my opinion instead of having developers wasting time into coding a feature to fix something that isnt broken, id rather see them using that time to release updates to the game's engine, more weapons, items, etc
  9. lol not to you, i know you are good with that, im talking to anyone who want to force a big game change on everyone when there is no reason to. if they feel so annoyed because alot of players feel more comfortable building frames they just can hop into another server, or host their own and make their rules, or play single player instead. there is no need to change the thing because is not realistic, or because people obtain loot faster who cares? its the way people play the game. also mad mole said that hes all about saving time and resources, and if people feel like rushing and looting by placing a lot of frames, its just a way of playing the game. in my opinion making a zombie hold the key, or hiding the key somewhere makes looting more tedious, and when you're short on food, water, or hitpoints, becomes an annoyance, turns looting and or exploring into a job rather than making it quick and easy
  10. let the people play the game the way they want to, not the way you think its the correct one dont like people doing nerd poling? change servers, host your own server and go full anti nerd poling there, or play single player.
  11. yeah that's what im talking about, i mean if some people think is way too easy or "unrealistic" -in a zombie game- lol they can mod those changes, or edit the xml, no need to force that on everyone just because they want it to be changed. again the game has been growing with it for 7 years now, no need to change that mechanic just when the game is nearly finished. i dont support that, hek, even if they are implementing that, should do that in the next game.
  12. and how is the game supposed to tell apart of you stack frames to fix a roof of your base or if you want to build something, or just want to reach for something that isn't looting? if that bothers you so much you could easly edit or mod it, in my opinion changing the game mechanics because for some people is unrealistic or just too easy to loot isn't worth it. again if anyone is just so annoyed because of this could mod it, or change it on the xml or something. don't fix what isn't broken. also with that reasoning, they should remove stairs, ladders, etc. because you can place them in order to climb buildings too
  13. yay! finally, more space for actual useful information. glad to see 7 days food simulator is over
  14. don't know if it's just me, but i feel that the whole food topic is getting old here. i come here to see if there is actually relevant information on the development of the new alpha and all i get to read is about 10-20 pages of one or two individuals complaining because "x" game is better at getting rotten food better/faster etc, when the developer said repeatedly that he is not interested in such feature.
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