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  1. Toban

    Yorkshirepuds Gaming

    Hey guys, here is our 28 day horde video.
  2. I just tried to party with the radiated biker zombie. He didn't like my dancing too much and got angry.
  3. Toban

    Yorkshirepuds Gaming

    Our latest build video of the castle we are building.
  4. Toban

    Yorkshirepuds Gaming

    Hey guys, here is part 2 of our raid on Shotgun Messiah. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did, hehe.
  5. You should put the blinking lights on the defense tower and put a sign about saying zombies apply here, lol. And then a shotgun turret above! We have had that.
  6. Yeah, that's a cool idea. It should be easy too to add to it if it needs it too. It looks good so far mate.
  7. It looks cool. I like how you have the tower for killing linked with the bridge. Are you adding a second killing tower?
  8. Yeah. I like the idea we can have food, tools or just something, lol. It's just a really nice touch.
  9. I love the idea of the extra 2 slots. It will really allow the player to have multiple options to deal with different situations without having to swap items out. This is a thumbs up from me. 👍
  10. Toban

    Yorkshirepuds Gaming

    Our latest episode of 7. Watch us take on the Shotgun Messiah factory.
  11. Toban

    Yorkshirepuds Gaming

    Our day 21 horde night. We are very under prepared. Join us and see if we survive!
  12. Toban

    Yorkshirepuds Gaming

    Our latest Let's play. The search continues for acid. Can we finally get that all elusive final bottle? Watch and find out.
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