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  1. Ah, that sounds awesome. We have just been making castles within the normal range or using little tricks like glass blocks hehe. Thanks for the info, we will have to check it out.
  2. Hey guys, check out our latest nomad episode. And thanks to anyone who watches. The Nomad rules are as follows: Dead is dead. Horde night every 3 days. We can't build. We can't upgrade. We can't stay in a building more than one night including horde night. Server settings. 60 min days. Warrior settings. No loot respawn. 24 zombies per player. No air drop marker. Zombies walk in the day, sprint at night and feral zombies sprint.
  3. Check out our latest episode of our nomad series. Thanks in advance to anyone who watches.
  4. All in creative and we used glass blocks for the big floating tower for supports. It took about 6 - 8 weeks to make. Was a lot of fun though. Thanks for watching mate.
  5. Hehe, yeah. Gimme now haha. Some of the stuff looks so cool, I super excited to see what mods they do for the vehicles.
  6. After playing alpha 19 now for a while, I can say it's the best alpha I've played. I'm still enjoying it now after a few months. So big thanks for that. Alpha 20 with the new stuff if gonna be awesome. I'm really looking forward to vehicle mods. The new outfits sound cool. I like the idea of skins too so we don't all look the same. If that makes it in ofc. Watching the streams really makes you want alpha 20 now haha.
  7. Hey guys, here is our latest video of our nomad series. We are getting ready for day 9 horde night. We need to find a good house for it.
  8. Cheers mate. Thanks for watching. 😊
  9. Here is our 4th skit. In this one, we mixed Halloween into the mix to give our latest castle build a creepy feeling. The castle is built with only original blocks. We hope you enjoy it of you choose to watch it. Thanks in advance.
  10. Looks amazing. Such a creative job.
  11. Just rock. We built each one for the look, hehe. We had giants causeway in mind but with a magical feeling. They are to add defense to Tilly's castle.
  12. Thanks! It's taken ages to build, even in creative, because we have a crypt and a cremation area underground 😅
  13. Just thought I'd show off the bridge I built. It's part a massive castle linking 2 buttes together on Navezagne.
  14. Our first horde night in our nomad series. Did we choose the right house?
  15. For me, anything you do to the water will make it better than it is now! Thanks.
  16. Hey, guys. Here is our new Nomad Series. We can only stay in a building for one night! Rules are: Building once use only. No loot respawns. No building blocks at all. We can only upgrade what exist in the world. We can only use items that's in the world. Workbenches, forges and chem stations ect. 60 minute days. Out goal isn't to kill thousands of zombies. It's to see how long we can live in the world without building anything.
  17. Hey guys, here is the castle complete. Feel free to check it out before it goes up against the next horde night.
  18. Hey, guys, here is our latest horde night. We hope you enjoy it.
  19. More work done to the main house. Here is Ep 12.
  20. Hey guys, our latest episode of 7 Days to Die build video is up. We work on the main house. I hope you enjoy it.
  21. Day 42 Horde Night is here. It's time for the demolishers.
  22. Hey, guys, our latest episode of the build series is here.
  23. I still thought that was a thing, haha. It's nice to know it isn't, lol. I actually followed a deer hoping it would die from bleed. It didn't. It got away so I would never had known.
  24. Hey guys, here is our 28 day horde video.
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