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  1. We went from Random Biomes and Random Terrain in A14/15/16/17 to this in A18 and it was supposed to be the innovation of the RWG. I am hoping A19 will bring the random back again or add a lot more stamps into the mix to avoid repetition. And then they probably will say, just mod it if you do not like it, but they also made out options in modding more limited with the A18 systems. Custom biomes, altering terrain textures of biomes/roads, properly decorating hill slopes, all of these these things we just cannot easily adjust anymore.
  2. 90 Minutes? Is that not still quite far apart then, not really a good measure of distance but lets say 100 km/h that means at least 150 km away, so in game that would be, assuming 8k maps which means its almost 19 maps apart. Not to mention it is only snow covered in winter not the whole year round. Not really my intention to nitpick on your actual situation, but if that were in the game it would be plausible with those distances and temps. But the current depiction of the snow biome in the game is a year round snow covered land where it almost always freezes, and the desert is a super hot desert where the sun always burns and even during the nights it does not cool down as much. If there would be seasons or snow deserts, plausible weather it would be much better, but right now those 2 biomes are each other's opposites climatically.
  3. Zombies getting stuck is not interesting nor varied. If they cannot scale a block for some reason they should try and rage against it instead or find a different path. No shape of block should result in them gettings completely stuck in some loop, never being able to hit or get past it. But it seems Faatal is already working on this.
  4. I think zeds should be able to be both capable of damaging any shape of block as well as scale it if the player could. I am just hoping the AI system will not get case by case additions for each shape but rather more robust system to scale/break any kind of shape that will be added in the future as well.
  5. Did these prefabs reset by quests? I have seen odd stuff happen when quests reset a prefab, cannot really confirm but seems not all blocks or placeholders are reset properly. Also saw some weird stuff when someone reset a prefab for quest when he just woke up sleepers, some of them were stuck in place.
  6. I would like to see scrapping work the same was as crafting, as in not a total timer for all items being scrapped, but just scrap the stack one item at a time. Yes this may mean fractions are lost because it only gives 75% back, but in my opinion these should be lost anyway as scrapping 1 at a time and all at once should yield the same amount of scrap material.
  7. Indeed it does snow in the desert. But the snow biome is like snow-capped mountains, alpine lands or some kind of tundra right? There is no sand underneath the thick layer of snow either. If there actually were a snow covered desert biome or at least a blend biome where the two biomes would meet sure. But otherwise you will keep getting this comments over and over. I am hoping some kind of biome blends are on the roadmap, so that there can always be a nice transition between two biomes where there is a biome that shares traits with both biomes (like snow covered desert between snow and desert, plains between desert and forest etc).
  8. But zombie infested vending machines restock every few days too. That is just weird I think, even if survivors stocked em up before all stuff went to hell, nobody is going to now since they would rather eat the vending machines. It would be more interesting if they spawned with a set stock, and that is that for this machine. Lockpicks could allow a player to try and steal the stock or buy it with old dollars (so saving those up has a use too). Restocking the machines, if you do not want it gone, could be part of the loot respawn setting, if that is off the machines also do not refill their stock. But currently they share all mechanics with traders, including currency so its limited in what can be set for them.
  9. You are probably right, need to spend the time as effective as possible, I guess one such quest per trader that would like unlock after doing x missions only for that trader could be more than enough. Though you would need some handle to send the player to a specific POI though, a function that broke after A16 (currently it can only send a player to a nearby trader sadly).
  10. Really now? Food is so abundant in the game you really do not need this quest to come by. And if it is, its more a problem that this particular quest drops so much in comparison to other activities. Food is only an issue in co-op if there are leechers in the group not pulling their weight
  11. Not bad, will they also specialize in what kind of quests they offer. Like digging for Rekt gets you food/seed items and digging for Jen meds etc? Will they send you for specific items they seek or POIs that match their specialization?
  12. Haidrgna


    Still in the works. Not going as fast as I hoped, lot of other stuff taking up my time as well. But it will be shipped with the 0.8 version of Gnamod, when that is ready.
  13. Yeah kill moves can get repetitive, but if it is a special attack the player has a choice to use or not I think its better than one that is forced upon the player under certain conditions, which seems to be the norm for them. But you make an excellent point, giving the zombies more different animations is also time well spent. Are you also going to be looking into the crawlers and their animations? Seems they often get stuck on objects or start to fly when they do their lifting up animation to get over objects, sometimes also resetting back to where they started because they could not get over the object.
  14. Haidrgna


    Like I told you before, Gnamod comes with its own UI it is dependent on. There is no need to add additional UI tweaks, those will not work properly and only mess things up. Gnamod CoreUI does things a bit differently than other UI mods so that makes them not really compatible. Load the mod as is and then decide if you need to add other modlets on top, most of which I can say you now will likely not work as expected or intended, because Gnamod also does things differently than most other modlets.
  15. Animations and such can take control of the character, pretty sure Dead Island had multiplayer too and it allowed such finishing moves on zombies. But in the end it likely all boils down to how much effort they would want to put into it. It may be to much and something they would save up for their next game, I would not hold that against them since they want to bring this game to gold soon.
  16. Haidrgna


    Gnamod already comes with its own UI that adds a 88 slot backpack. I am pretty sure adding a modlet on top that tries to modify it will either fail or cause errors. You do not need my permission to combine mods, but I recommend against it unless you know what you are doing and willing to fix the errors. The 88 slot backpack is already very generous in terms of bag space, Gnamod allows you to unlock a lot of them stacking all the options the vanilla game has, like the perk and item mods.
  17. I do not see why it would not work in multiplayer. Maybe if applied to pvp it could be tricky, but a character doing some special attack just needs that animation for all to see. Isn't Doom als a multiplayer game?
  18. Ohh nice, does that mean we will be getting some finishing moves down the line here as well? Still like how you can stomp heads in Dead Island, things like that could be nice in this game too, though might be a bit OP
  19. So you kind of spoiled that it has an out place art style and made out of bolts... Thanks man.
  20. Haidrgna


    Hmm, it may have expired, I will add a new link.
  21. This sounds good, very good actually. Though I hope armor and full health never fully stop from getting injured, just like being already beaten and broken should not greatly increase the chance for more bad stuff to happen (kick em while their down is less fun that kicking them when they are doing good). I hope this also means the medical options are going to be expanded upon, to treat various injuries? I am still hoping there will be a difference between sterile and non-sterile bandages. So the basic ones you craft from cloth would not be sterile, not always help and risk some infection later on. Then there would be player crafted bandages that are sort of sterile because they need boiling at a fire and there could be actual sterile ones because they were packed as such from before the apocalypse. Well a man can dream, but keep up the good work.
  22. Will the ISS also account for weather effect, like a heatstroke, frostbite, injuries that do not go away easily and are not just depleting health. Most famous of course is drowing, in pretty much any game this drains your health, which means you can stay underwater by using meds (in FO you could just drink that same water to heal). Would be nice if instead it were some counter and then you just suffocate and die (no losing HP). And if you do get to air it will have a lasting effect on your character. Exited to hear what you guys came up with.
  23. Making the game moddable right from the start was also one of the better decisions made and kept people playing in between the alpha releases.
  24. I am going to read that as: All radiated skins are getting deleted, new mutated zombies are going to be added to the mix to replace the rad zombies and there will be a mutated version of the wight and cop. Sounds like a good plan to me, I am liking it.
  25. Are those new zombies going to completely replacing the current model of zombies or will they be added in addition, or are they going to be those special radiated ones? I know the Wight and Spider models are pretty old so could use a redo, but others might not need to.
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