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  1. I just want to add that so far this mod has been compatible with the following mods on my server. I got them all from Nexus mods. Cheers CCTV Cornistry Drconfused_Power_Series1 FarmLife2Mod Firearms GarageDoorRotation JRB_TraditionalZombies_Headshots_FirearmsED JRB_ZombieLootDrop_15 JunctionBox Melee Reinforced DrawbridgeRotation
  2. Hey there, having some issues with the mod on my server. I have the Local.txt file changed and the mod loads on start up and Its in the console at the main menu but nothing shows up in perk menu of crafting menu. Any help testing let me know I can send my logs. Cheers, Murray heres a pic of mod loaded https://steamcommunity.com/id/dmurrayyy/screenshot/927086512537208230
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