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  1. We have seen some performance gains with B221 from the previous build. But I think we are still seeing the big performance hits when we enter POI's. Lighting still seems to contribute to fps drops too. On the upside, when we are in a big fight outside with a bunch of zeds, it runs pretty smooth. The zeds themselves aren't affecting our performance anyway. We are both running older i7's. 16gig ram and SSD's. We have gtx 1060 & 960. We are nowhere near running at 4k, but I think it looks fine. I did put UMA on low on both systems and it seems to help. What is UMA, if anyone knows? I
  2. I like this idea. Maybe the leveling could be in stages, rather than skill trees. But the skill trees still exist, so you can still climb the trees independently to specialize. So "stone age" is lvl 1 - 30? As you climb, the stone age stuff unlocks at the bottom of the trees. The forge is endgame for the "stone age," but you can climb the tree by dumping points to unlock it early, but you'll unlock nearly nothing else that isnt automatically unlocked by leveling. As you climb levels, certain perks at the bottom of the tree will unlock regardless, without using points. So the bottom of
  3. Want! Having torch timers with this play style would be epic. Having zeds drop from attics and falling though floors during the day is pretty spooky. Running the dungeon POIs at night with a 5 min torch is a whole new level of spooky. Ban the mining helm and gun flashlights! Or put 5 min batteries on them too!
  4. Currently playing with all the different settings. I've always wanted a way to tweak walk/run for day/night. We've been playing stock for so long, changing any of this would change the entire mood of the game. Our current settings: - Walk at night - Sprint during day (run/jog seems to make very little difference to walk.) - Nightmare for blood moon (cant comment on this feature, we haven't had our first blood moon yet.) - 200% loot Before you burn it to the ground, try it out first. Zombie sprint during the day is insane fun. I've had more oh $hit moments in the first 10 min
  5. Random blood moon added as a toggle choice like walk/run would be awesome 😁
  6. We are playing with everything on stock except drop backpack on death and 200% loot and I have yet to find any vehicle parts. I'm finding hundreds of arrows and lots of food, but nothing game breaking or too easy. We sold our extra food and extra arrows and barely had enough dukes to buy an anvil.
  7. I love how the pimps have built the game around stats. Its all just numbers and percentages, buffs, ect. This is all pretty easy to change in the xml to suit your tastes. If you think the Z's do too much block damage, its not hard to change I'm sure. I thought a cool feature would be block damage comes at a cost. So they can do alot of damage, but it eventually kills them or their arms fall off or something.
  8. I am curious about what may be causing this? For us, the results are completely opposite. The current build runs very well for us compared to the last 2 builds. The only thing that takes along time is the first time random world generation. I'm running an older i7 with a 1060 and I'm getting 60 fps most of the time. It runs very smooth. I only start to see drops whenever I enter a house, so still something going on there. When other players join my map, I'll get a small stutter that happens here and there. The other systems seem to run fine. I'm running textures on full and full reso
  9. Agreed. The gun parts setup was redundant. Ended up with piles of unusable gunparts in chests and was wondering to myself what @$$() was going around the apocalypse and taking all the guns apart like the biggest troll of all time.
  10. Just listing some fun observations of Alpha 17. I'm running a local game with 200% loot and cheat mode. (I only used cheats to give myself a motorcycle, some crappy clothes, a handgun, maybe 20 rounds and a knife. I didn't even give myself a cooking pot. My wife won't play without cheats, she gets too scared. 😉) - Steroids are fun. I fill my inventory with junk and kill zeds with my knife. - There seems to be a delay with the zed animations and hitting them. Not sure if this is intentional or not. Can't say that I hate it. When they're moving around alot or reacting to a strike, the
  11. Good to know. I still get a slowdown when the chunks load too but I think we're use to that now. Its always done that on the previous alphas. With both mine and the wives systems we both have the i7 2600. I have a 1060 and she has a 960. Our systems are very similar so I wonder if it has something to do with the processor architecture or something with how regular the stutter is. I'm sure the game will be optimized down the road but its an annoying little glitch. We get pretty big lag going inside structures too.
  12. I have a microstutter with b199 that is reoccurring around a minute apart. You could set a timer to it. I've been playing with the graphics settings to try and get rid of it, but haven't tracked it down yet. So far both mine and the wife's system seems to do it. Does anyone else have the stutter? Also - love alpha 17 so far
  13. Just got home from work and downloading - yaaaaaaaaaay
  14. Hey guys (head twitches) I just booted my steam and its not downloading anything yet. Its five in the morning here. I don't see the sun coming up yet. I'm going to take a cold shower and a nip of the jack. (eye twitches)
  15. I've been working alot of hours and all my days off - the money is too good not to. But with news of the update drop I may have to take Tuesday off after all 😁
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