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  1. That frickin acid lol I thought we would never find it!
  2. Yes, probably radioactive 😮 @Morloc I love your profile pic 😀
  3. 🤢🤮 (there's reaction that fit!) lol. That is so freaky 😮 I would literally move countries 🦟🦟🦟🦟
  4. Best job ever... Fire crew of the year award 1st and 2nd...lol And that scary baby cry puts the sh*ts up me every time I hear it. I wonder if it was a poor soul caught in the.....wait for it.....crossFIRE! bumbum tishhhhh
  5. LMAO Yep, looks like fire-gang warfare did it 🤣🚒 🔥👩‍🚒🔫👩‍🚒🔥 🚒
  6. I am sorry guys. This was just a video I found helpful. I wasn't trying to sell anyone anything. It's not my video, but I found the treasure part of it very useful. I did not intend to sell or upset anyone. I just thought it would have been helpful. The treasure part of the vid is close to the beginning, so I didn't time stamp. That was my bad, not Jc's. Time stamp is like 5:00 - 14:00 ish.. P.s not a thugtuber, just thought the treasure content was helpful. Also @JCrook1028 so so sorry to you for this. I didn't think people would get so mad at you for me posting your vid.
  7. @JCrook1028 have a good video on how to dig treasure pretty quick! Hope this helps.
  8. I like the odd stairs. The base is so cute I have thought this too. I expected to use the smoothie to help in the desert... 😛 I just assumed it would be fixed later, so I didn't mention it.
  9. This set took so Effin long lol It felt like we were doing it for years 🤣
  10. I like a neat box! And we are getting a lot of those military armor parts too!
  11. I mean it's a big enough space that an old dog like you could mark ur territory all over it and and still feel the need to just mark one more bush 😛 And no, your're not alone, I did it first chance I got!
  12. 7 Devs, I have a quick question about the X-rays in the hospital. Is it me or does the X-ray on the right have a serious bowel blockage? 💩 Asking for a friend!
  13. I noticed, I literally complain every time I see him, about how his burps make me feel sick lol 🤢🤮He is Gassious Maximus, a very gross individual LMAO. EDIT: Not that I would change him or hate him, he just makes me feel ikky which adds to my experience in the game.
  14. We use OBS studio and then DaVinci resolve for editing. All free and super easy to use There are a ton of tutorials on how to work them if you struggle. That way of you decide to make vids you have some awesome free software 😛 Too effin funny 😂🤣🕯️🔫
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