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  1. I think they had more before and they trimmed it down if I'm not mistaken. If I am never mind 😛 We would love more colours to play with too.
  2. That frickin acid lol I thought we would never find it!
  3. Yes, probably radioactive 😮 @Morloc I love your profile pic 😀
  4. 🤢🤮 (there's reaction that fit!) lol. That is so freaky 😮 I would literally move countries 🦟🦟🦟🦟
  5. Best job ever... Fire crew of the year award 1st and 2nd...lol And that scary baby cry puts the sh*ts up me every time I hear it. I wonder if it was a poor soul caught in the.....wait for it.....crossFIRE! bumbum tishhhhh
  6. LMAO Yep, looks like fire-gang warfare did it 🤣🚒 🔥👩‍🚒🔫👩‍🚒🔥 🚒
  7. I am sorry guys. This was just a video I found helpful. I wasn't trying to sell anyone anything. It's not my video, but I found the treasure part of it very useful. I did not intend to sell or upset anyone. I just thought it would have been helpful. The treasure part of the vid is close to the beginning, so I didn't time stamp. That was my bad, not Jc's. Time stamp is like 5:00 - 14:00 ish.. P.s not a thugtuber, just thought the treasure content was helpful. Also @JCrook1028 so so sorry to you for this. I didn't think people would get so mad at you for me posting your vid.
  8. @JCrook1028 have a good video on how to dig treasure pretty quick! Hope this helps.
  9. I like the odd stairs. The base is so cute I have thought this too. I expected to use the smoothie to help in the desert... 😛 I just assumed it would be fixed later, so I didn't mention it.
  10. This set took so Effin long lol It felt like we were doing it for years 🤣
  11. I like a neat box! And we are getting a lot of those military armor parts too!
  12. I mean it's a big enough space that an old dog like you could mark ur territory all over it and and still feel the need to just mark one more bush 😛 And no, your're not alone, I did it first chance I got!
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