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  1. your region? You mean China? Or is it Russia?
  2. I have over 5000 hours in 7days, closer to 6000 which is about 2 staff years, so yeah I like it. My only thing is after about day 25 or so I sorta run out of stuff to do which makes me sad. But I love starting over, and over, and trying many permutations like insane level and always run. My only suggestion would be, besides some of the humorous things the traders say, there isn't much humor (except in multiplayer). I would love to see, and it wouldn't take too much memory, that there be a 1 in 100 chance that instead of the dogs that come around in groups, a group of zombie pink poodles would come around. Or something similar. You see? ...A few things like that, or more rare items, might give me a reason to keep playing. A rare White Stag? A burro that brays at night and glows in the dark? I know it takes memory but if it only occurs very rarely.... thanks for a great game
  3. Roland, thanks for that, good to know it's "still" on the radar and will be "yet" fixed "soon". It's still massive fun to play. Thanks hehe
  4. In some ways it has more to do with the size of the monitor. My friend has some huge monitor and he can really see underground easily. I have a small monitor and it's much harder for me. His computer is much newer/faster than mine. Mine is about 5 years old now, and it's hard for me to see underground which is the reverse of what you are claiming when you said slower computers see underground better. There are methods to see underground several of which still work just fine. I just can't be bothered with them, it ruins the fun for me.
  5. well you can sorta already do that with campfires, you can end up with a very large number of zombies Find a way on top of a base, perhaps jumping using a mini-bike or just climbing which many people fail to defend against because they're thinking of the zombies, not people. Then go out and as close the base as possible build a bunch of campfires Go back on top of base nearest campfires, wait. Screamers spawn. And if you keep it up for long periods several screamers can sometimes spawn at one time, and don't shoot them, but keep them screaming. Rinse repeat, let them break into the base for you. Poorly built bases can be undermined this way and end up collapsing.
  6. I agree. Try the game "The Forest" for some pretty darn good AI. Had a mutant climb a tree, jump over my walls, steal some of my food, and he got away by jumping down a cliff. Female NPC's can be calmed, even made a little friendly, had one squatting outside my base peeking at my through the wall and giggling. There's a walkman you can play, and it can calm some of the natives.
  7. "yet" is a word I've come to hate, as is "soon". It's still tons of fun in mp, a challenge. Zombies are not challenging even at high lvls, but people, now that's a lot of fun.
  8. Thank you for posting that. There are several other ways to do that as well. People learn about the methods and are tempted, and it kinda ruins multiplayer. There are some defenses for that, ways to make it hard for them to see your base underground, but people are smart and they figure it out. So you have this really well hidden base and yet a determined player will find it. I enjoy hiding underground and making a lot of traps and mazes, so when they find it then the fun really begins. But the point is anyone can see underground and that ruins it especially for newer players, they get very angry and quit. I see it as a challenge and have fun with it making a base KNOWING people can see it, but many people find it a "game ruining" event. What I hate is when people still clip through a steel vault door, that one sucks. Or they go under part of your base, log out, log in and pop up inside your base. Those things keep a multiplayer admin busy if he helps his community, as things like that can occur daily. And again a newer player, once they see a person walk right through a door, often they quit over that. On one server a newer player would almost quit once a day, and we'd all say "there goes another one". So I'd try and befriend some of these people, and explain things to them, so when it happened it wouldn't be such a shock. But you'd still end up on a server at the end with very few players. Lastly, this leads to an air of paranoia on mp servers, where everything, even legit things, people assume it must be another cheat. You get armor up really high, and they shoot you with a orange or yellow shotgun and you don't die, and they assume you must be another cheater. Then they spend all day screaming "Cheater!" just because you have high armor skills and good armor. And it all comes from all these other "game features" that are like cheats, seeing underground and clipping, they just assume everything is a cheat. Now that ruins the game for me, if I let it. There was a base where my friend Showtime spent a huge amount of time breaking in. The base was underground and under a huge deep lake so it was challenging. But he got in and invited me to help. Whacking steel doors for hours and hours, days and days. But finally someone came home, we could hear them. And we were in a room with our entry point, and three other steel doors. So we didn't know from which door they would come from. In the end the guy called his friends, and so we had three of them, coming at us from first one door, then the next, then two doors at once etc. I got shot many many times but I carried fiber to repair my military armor, all high lvl. And repaired my AK-47 constantly. They'd come at us not even in armor and with crap guns, yellows, oranges, really ridiculous stuff. And they died over and over and over in a frenzy. They were friends with the server owner, so they threw a fit that we must be cheaters. Really vile and hateful stuff they spewed. And during the conversations, constantly they'd try and lend validity to their arguments by bringing up the ability to see underground, the clipping through doors and walls, etc etc. They used those "game features" as excuses to justify that our armor skills and maxed gun skills didn't mean anything, and we must be cheaters. Thankfully the server owner was very smart, and realized my friend and I were not the ones acting badly. But after that you just want to go play some other game without all the drama partly brought about by these "game features".
  9. Clism

    "The PvP Update"

    As it stands for me the game is massive fun in pvp (just look at my over 3000 hours in pvp). I really enjoy the game as it stands now. I can only see improvements that could be made. Some of the things said above, well, they're not exactly correct. Please be careful what you react to, as some folks have an interesting way of spinning things. Like the post above, I've spent many hours raiding on high resistance servers. I'd say it's not for your average player who needs constant stimulus. It takes dedication, but then the person worked hard for their base, it should be hard to raid it. At 24x resist we just hit a huge base with 5 people, and with good skills and tools it was wonderful, and didn't take overly long at all. Also the guy above said "living underground like a rat...is this funny? Getting found by glitch only?" This is what I meant above, there are many statements that are "Spin" scattered throughout the 140 pages of statements. In this case what I mean is, finding hidden underground bases is fun, and keeping one hidden is even funner. Learning how to make the surface look natural is a bloody ART. And finding bases, finding the slightest damage from zombies digging, or seeing a screamer just standing there cause she's above the source of heat, or just sound. Figuring out where that base is, digging down until you hit a wall, figuring out the base layout by digging around, well ....it's a lot of fun. Some people I play with are just wizards at this, very smart about finding and raiding a hidden base. And I'm very good at maintaining a hidden one, and have yet to ever have one found. And getting caught, fighting, there's few other games anything close to this. The glitch thing, well, there's tricks to that, too, and I mean tricks to not be found by glitch. And tricks not to create a glitch on the surface by accident. I just raided a under water base the other day, and did a lot of it by myself, took 40 minutes per steel vault door. About 8 hours later I broke into the forge/loot room. I got a lot of stuff, and then two of the owners logged in. Massive fire fight. It was glorious fun. Should it take less time to steal all the stuff a team of people looted over a period of months? I do not think so. As it stands i can't say enough good about the game. Hopefully TFP will make good improvements. Please don't ruin my favorite game. I could list for you all the great games ruined by listening to poor players who can't figure it out. Thanks.
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