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  1. your region? You mean China? Or is it Russia?
  2. I have over 5000 hours in 7days, closer to 6000 which is about 2 staff years, so yeah I like it. My only thing is after about day 25 or so I sorta run out of stuff to do which makes me sad. But I love starting over, and over, and trying many permutations like insane level and always run. My only suggestion would be, besides some of the humorous things the traders say, there isn't much humor (except in multiplayer). I would love to see, and it wouldn't take too much memory, that there be a 1 in 100 chance that instead of the dogs that come around in groups, a g
  3. As it stands for me the game is massive fun in pvp (just look at my over 3000 hours in pvp). I really enjoy the game as it stands now. I can only see improvements that could be made. Some of the things said above, well, they're not exactly correct. Please be careful what you react to, as some folks have an interesting way of spinning things. Like the post above, I've spent many hours raiding on high resistance servers. I'd say it's not for your average player who needs constant stimulus. It takes dedication, but then the person worked hard for their base, it should be hard to raid it.
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