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  1. Gave Alpha 19,3 an honest chance, and it sucks. I am at day 28 no gun besides the blunderbus, starving, hitting every airdrop and nothing but armor, more blunderbus, and food here and there. I find it almost impossible to progress in the game without spending my entire days looking for food, and nights mining. Taking chances I would not normally take looking for food, which usually gets me killed. There needs to be more balance between food and enjoying the game. When I spend all day looking for food, everyday, this is no fun. I pay money to be entertained. 19.3 is not entertainment, it is nothing but a grind looking for food.
  2. I came, I saw, 19 is an improvement over 17 and 18, but still not as good as 16, so back to 16 I go. Will be back after 20 is released. Tip to developers, read the forum post and stop going off on a tangent. You had an almost perfect game with 16, but you screwed everything up with 17. Study Lean and Six Sigma, and stop looking at the game from your point of view. As a paying customer I can not recommend the game in the current development path. I would like to be able to craft (not buy) the forge before my 5 year old granddaughter finishes college. Developers almost had heaven at 16, and screwed it up. I just hope the devs do better at 20 than they did in the last 3 betas.
  3. Is there a reason for the player to be infected less than 15 minutes after spawning? Or having to fight off dogs and buzzards within minutes of spawning? 7days to die has had balance issues for a long time. Rather than making the game progress as the player progresses, it seems now to throw everything at him from the start. Was playing the latest beta version. I was attacked by a dog, then three buzzards. Is all of this necessary within the first ten minutes of a new game?
  4. Then on the way back to get my backpack attacked by another buzzard that infected me. Day two, noon, attacked and killed by zombie dog. Are the developers trying to drive people away? This game peaked at Alpha 16 and has been going down ever since.
  5. 15 minutes into a new game, was attacked by 3 buzzards and 2 dogs. Killed by the 3rd buzzard. Are yall trying to ruin the game? This is not entertaining at all.
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