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  1. Almost back to my base, hit a zombie a few times with my club, stamina is out, feral zombie runs up to me, hits me several times and I die. I can't run nor can I fight back because I am out of stamina. I respawn, go back to my pack, and there are the zombies guarding my pack. Rather than making the game more fun and enjoyable pimps has turned it into a grind of frustration. I play games to be entertained, to pass the time, and not for the frustration of it. From my steam account - Play time 1,552.9 hours Screw this, I am going back to Alpha 16.
  2. There is nothing wrong with giving the customer what they want. I play 7 days to die in single player, and do not use exploits. But lets say I did use exploits in single player, so what? There is no need to remove a feature someone likes because someone else does not like it. Only when a new Alpha comes out and I come here to voice my opinion. I do not know what happened but my 7 days to die was reset to Alpha 16. I was playing Alpha 20, having a good time, posted here a couple of times, started the game after I got home from work this evening, and it was alpha 16. I did not revert the game to alpha 16 either. Makes me wonder if someone said if you like Alpha 16, then go play 16 and changed settings on my game. I am the only person who uses this computer, all of my kids are grown and out of the house, and my wife has her own system. Nobody even knows my password to get into this system, so how did the game get reverted to A 16?
  3. I have no idea what RNG or LBD is. Please define acronyms before you use them. I only visit this forum every few years, last time I posted was January a year ago. I will come in post a thread, maybe a couple of replies and will not come back until the next alpha is released. What is spam crafting? There is no arguing, I am a paying customer who is voicing his opinion about a product he bought. I wish some of the passive skills would come back. I only have a few hours in Alpha 20, it seems like a good version, but still not as good as 16. That said I will give it a decent try. I will visit here a couple of more times to check replies, but I will probably not be back for another year or so.
  4. Alpha 16 is the best Alpha so far, but 20 is pretty good. I wish the developers would bring back passive skills rather than everything having to go through the skill tree. Graphics in 20 are good, gameplay is good, but I dislike getting motors from cars at day 5. I feel getting the wrench at day 3 or 4 is giving too much too fast. It feels like the developers are giving to much to the player too fast rather than making the player wait for items. Also, requiring 3 skill points on the skill tree is a bit much. Rather than upping the skill tree how about making to core game harder? I miss the roaming hoards during the middle of the day. Alpha 20 is good, but I see myself going back to Alpha 16 in a month or so. 20 does not have that greatness that 16 has.
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