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  1. Gave Alpha 19,3 an honest chance, and it sucks. I am at day 28 no gun besides the blunderbus, starving, hitting every airdrop and nothing but armor, more blunderbus, and food here and there. I find it almost impossible to progress in the game without spending my entire days looking for food, and nights mining. Taking chances I would not normally take looking for food, which usually gets me killed. There needs to be more balance between food and enjoying the game. When I spend all day looking for food, everyday, this is no fun. I pay money to be entertained. 19.3 is
  2. I came, I saw, 19 is an improvement over 17 and 18, but still not as good as 16, so back to 16 I go. Will be back after 20 is released. Tip to developers, read the forum post and stop going off on a tangent. You had an almost perfect game with 16, but you screwed everything up with 17. Study Lean and Six Sigma, and stop looking at the game from your point of view. As a paying customer I can not recommend the game in the current development path. I would like to be able to craft (not buy) the forge before my 5 year old granddaughter finishes college. Developers almost had heave
  3. So much wrong with your post I do not know where to start. Typically, the number of users will go up after a big update - this is for just about any game, not just 7 days to die. How many of the current users are long time players? One of the above post mentions he skipped several versions. Have the devs done surveys of customers besides readying the forum? People such as myself only post here a few times a year due to the negative echo chamber feedback we receive. This leaves the devs with group think to base their opinions on. Is there a w
  4. Give it a few years, and chances are we will end up with something very close to alpha 16.
  5. How many complaints do the devs have to get before we go back to Alpha 16 and improve the game, rather than changing everything? I like 19 better than 18, but both are trash compared to 16. Devs, are you listening to your customers????? How many of these rant threads have to appear before devs accept they made a mistake?
  6. One of my biggest complaints about 7 days to die is how the difficulty levels off. Once a good base is built, 7 day hordes are just an inconvenience. A16 was almost perfect, then the developers screwed everything up.
  7. So you are buying the stuff rather than crafting. seems rather lame to give people who buy fast access rather than making them wait until they get the points like everyone else. I rarely deal with the traders.
  8. How do yall get your stuff so fast? I am going on week three and am nowhere near getting steel, or a chem station.
  9. Alpha 19 is prettier, but Alpha 16 is still the boss. If I uninstall the current Alpha, and go back to 16, 16 maxes out my 16 gigs of memory. Before, everything topped out at around 8 gigs. I think 19 is better optimized, but 16 is more fun.
  10. Lot of stuff about alpha 19 to like, but the game is a slow motion grind. I understand why the developers may have wanted to slow progress down, but this is ridiculous. Graphics are nice, music is wonderful, and very sad. I lost one of my dogs in July, and listening to the music brings me to tears it is so sad. I feel there should be some kind of passive skill progression, such as strength. Passive skill progression is one reason why I loved Alpha 16 so much. While you were waiting on the level up, passive skills were leveling.
  11. Feels like you are cherry picking my post. Rebuilding was an idea, a suggestion. So what you want is a game with unlimited items? Maybe Borderlands would be a better game for you? One of the main issues with 7 days to die is there is little difficulty progression. Once you reach a certain level - AK47, cement mixers, steel.... - the game becomes flat in its difficulty. As a result, people get bored. Alpha 16 was an almost perfect game. Rather than fixing stuff like difficulty progression the Devs tried to remake the whole game.
  12. Horde night is just one specific topic. Other stuff such as mid-day horde size, zombie perception so they see further, hit points, speed..... nothing changes as the player progresses.
  13. Is there a reason for the player to be infected less than 15 minutes after spawning? Or having to fight off dogs and buzzards within minutes of spawning? 7days to die has had balance issues for a long time. Rather than making the game progress as the player progresses, it seems now to throw everything at him from the start. Was playing the latest beta version. I was attacked by a dog, then three buzzards. Is all of this necessary within the first ten minutes of a new game?
  14. The question I have, are the developers listening to the customer? Are any of the changes changes we wanted? Or are the developers putting in changes they wanted?
  15. That is because the difficulty does not progress with the player. After awhile it seems the horde size levels off. I have posted this numerous times, I feel we need better / bigger bosses on the blood moon. Something that can destroy sections of the base so we have to spend a few days rebuilding, rather than a few minutes.
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