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  1. @Twoscoops Edit the \steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Config\items.xml file and look for line 21286 "<item name="DFemptyBowl">" (without the outer quotes). A few lines below it 21292, is "<property name="Stacknumber" value="15"/>". Just change the 15 to whatever you want. Then save the file and restart the game. Empty Bowls will still be in stacks of 15 until you click on the re-sort button and then they will collapse to this new value. You can change any item's stack value this way. Just find what it is called in the game (usually pretty straightforward) and then find that stacknumber below it. @Wacko Did you upgrade to 18.4 with the game, then the mod, then the UI? If not try reinstalling the UI again, and it should overwrite the mod's files and sort it for you.
  2. I figured it out, and you can. It slow, but can be done. I suggest just selling as much as possible, and spawning in anything you have in large amounts (mats).
  3. I am playing 18.3 SP on the Juyipa Mountains map and there is no Wasteland. At least none that I could find as I explored 85% of the map on my motorcycle, and covered the rest in debug mode. Eve's final mission lists the rally point as 0.0 km away from her, so that is a good indication that the map is missing the biome necessary for it's POI. I did reset the quest multiple times, and killed her off then found her new spawn. So on a secondary note, can you make multiple trips to a new map by copying the player files, then going back into the old map and loading your character up with gear, and then pasting them back into the new map folder? Thanks!
  4. Thanks Tarch26. I do not know why I did not think to just look in the files myself. They are in a large loot list with a low probabilty of dropping a single item. So it requires a heck of a lot of looting to get them all. I just added mods to the trader's secret stash so I actually have something to do with my money. To be clear, I was talking about the mods that you add to items in the game. I did find all the weapon schematics, but zero schematics to make things like a silencer or cooling mesh.
  5. Playing 5.4.4 I ran into a strange bug where my action skills were not improving, so killing 300+ zombies with a sword did not move my 31 blade skill up to 32. So I read my stack of 5 blade notes that give +2 each, and after that every single hit with a blade would give me an instant +1 to my skill and quickly maxed it out. Prisoner Magoli was bugged with the endless console message of a stack/array overrun (cannot recall the exact message). The first time I had to hard-kill the game. When I restarted he was gone, as was the error. But the next time he showed on the map, as soon as I got close the error message crawl began again. After commenting him out of the spawns, this error has never reoccurred. I am on Day 25 and have never seen a weapon or tool mod schematic, yet all most of the mod receipes require one. Is the horrible RNG to blame, or are these in a specific POI? I have found enough regular schematics so that I am on my third class pathway, for some idea how much looting I have been doing.
  6. I have no such quest penalties (day 18) on any of my quests. So it is not a universal issue. You can get fossil quests from traders, but they just tell you to go find 20 fossils. They do not show you a fossil dense area. So do not buy them expecting help finding fossils. If the game does not display it and the description does not explain it, then most people will never know. If you know of others that have unlisted buffs/penalties, please share. Thanks!
  7. I know this is old and will probably not help you directly but others may find this. 7Days requires the pagefile to be on or it pukes at the 6GB range, regardless of how much RAM you have. So turn it back on and this should not be an issue.
  8. Is there anything we can do with a destroyed demon portal or was I not supossed to be hitting it with my pickaxe? Also, is there any environmental reason to take them all down (demons-b-gone)? Cheers!
  9. Thanks for the info. Time to break out the bike and hit the road.
  10. Weird. I just tested it again, and this time they are the same stats. I built three of them just to be sure it was not some random issue a few days ago. Well at least it reminded me to build a steel crossbow which I am now addicted to. I am playing 2.11 and checked the loot.xml to see where the Laser Multi-Tool is hiding, but it is not in there. Is this a rare trader item or in a specific bunker? Also, am I mis-reading the requirements to make the laser work table requiring a laser work table with a laser multi-tool? Cheers!
  11. I did not see this in the lastest update notes, but may have missed it. The compound bow at level 8 has a lower damage and projectile speed than it's level 6 counterparts without any in-game mods applied to either version.
  12. Not a stupid question at all, but I have 90GB free and Steam is on my C: drive. I will mess around with it some more today and see if I can isolate what is causing it. EDIT - Got that one sorted. I fogot that 7Days want to mysteriously write to a pagefile when it hits about 9GB of system RAM. So turning it back on solved the out of memory error, and everything seems to be working just fine. Cheers!
  13. I just updated to stable A17.4, and installed the client version of Darkness Falls 2.11 but I cannot play it due to persistent memory errors. I manually installed the mod three times, and am quite comfortable with manual installations. I am using no other mods, and have 16GB of RAM and 8GB VRAM. I turned the graphics from Ultra (which works with Vanilla A17.4) down to the lowest setting one step at a time without success. The only suggestion that I could find was to use the Vanilla game launcher but that did not help. The best part is that I can play 2.11 by launching a new world, but only until I exit. I have reinstated the Vanilla files after removing the mod files, and the base game will load an A17.4 map that is larger than the DFSmall map that I was using, so it does not appear to be map size. I am at a loss, and hope you may have run across this.
  14. The problem is that the A17 zombie damage is so high that even concrete tends to get shredded in no time. So for the first two hordes I make my base at a trader and use their guards as turrets. Just make sure not to block their line of fire or they will destroy whatever you put in their way. The AI is very basic currently (Vanilla issue). If you are new to the game I would also drop the spawn count and difficulty level below nomal levels. A17 was already a little too aggressive when set to normal for non-vets, and this mod ramps that up higher. So compensate until you have a good handle on it. Once you do, this mod will make things far more interesting. You could also drop it for the early game, and then turn it up later once you see how the mod handles.
  15. I was not paying attention to the columns, and did not realize these were mixed asset types. So I was selecting the entire stack instead of just the 2D assets (Texture2D). Thanks!!!
  16. I got to the first stage of extraction for the textures, but I cannot find a way to batch-export all files as PNG/TGA. Do they all have to be extracted individually or am I missing the obvious?
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