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  1. I will agree that it has become a an issue at both ends of the game-play experience. Early on, it just doubles-down on the push to grind, particularly with the (justifiably) changed spawning mechanics. Later on, I see little reason to hit high-tier structures since the loot isn't noticeably different than what I get elsewhere -- and it seems I get lvl 6 gear WAY too easily in this alpha. Hopefully A20 brings some serious revamping to loot mechanics, because while the game on the whole is at a great place from my perspective, the progression and risk-reward balance is at a relativ
  2. Thanks for your efforts. Definitely interested to see how this pans out, as it's probably my biggest issue with A17 game mechanics changes.
  3. Jax -- you may know this better than anyone else out there. Is there still a way given the new A17 system to incorporate "learn by doing" elements to progression through modding? I've heard conflicting information.
  4. Thanks for the help. I definitely have been walking over corpses, which I will endeavor to avoid.
  5. Love the mod, but I'm still a bit confused by the cleanliness debuff system. How does the "red on ya" debuff actually proc? I went through day 1 without getting hit at all by anything, but I still ended up with this debuff -- and I'm 99% certain I didn't even see the "dirty" debuff beforehand. I thought avoiding injury would prevent this from happening, no? Is it just a peril of fighting in melee combat?
  6. Anyone in contact with Val? He's not been on his Steam profile in 2 months, nor here in over 1 month. I'm curious if he is at all interested in A17 (in terms of his modding or otherwise).
  7. The sunset is definitely what I rely upon to beat nightfall. One of the best aspects to building a base in/around a trading post is that the trader/quest NPCs know the exact time. @KhaineGB Do you think there would the possibility of an in-game item that you could build with the right parts that would display the time when held (watch, etc.)? I have no idea if that's even plausible or something you'd be interested in adding.
  8. You'll need to remove every instance of the two corresponding two zombies ("zombieScared" and "zombieCuriousGeorge") from the spawn lists. You could also simply change the probabilities to 0. (e.g. in entitygroups.xml, change <entity name="zombieScared" prob="0.05"/> <entity name="zombieCuriousGeorge" prob="0.01"/> to <entity name="zombieScared" prob="0"/> <entity name="zombieCuriousGeorge" prob="0"/> You'll want to use an editor and search function, and there are multiple occurrences. - - - Updated - - - Also, if I'm haven't said as much
  9. I don't disagree. Maybe headshot damage could be upped a bit across the board? The current game does set up a fun challenge for Average Joe on higher difficulty settings though. I'm actually using torches again for the DoT effect to wear down tougher zombies.
  10. To those in Europe: There are still almost 12 more hours in PST America, so it could still be some time.
  11. This will probably sound like a stupid question, but if we're playing SP Ravenhearst 2.2 from sphere's launcher, should we just let it sync/update to 3.0, or is it a good idea to completely delete the existing directory before updating?
  12. I assume based on the in-game description that glass block ceilings will permit sunlight to get through to plants, and probably protect farms from vultures or climbers. Has anyone verified that this is the case?
  13. I apologize if this has been posted/explained elsewhere, but can anyone give me a quick summary of which biomes spawn which ores/minerals in Starvation as of now? Thanks in advance.
  14. Thanks for putting this together! Really enjoying the slower progression, sans brutal combat/survival mechanics, feel to your mod.
  15. Makes sense, thanks. Do you know if an unplugged cooler found in prefabs will still slow down the rate of spoilage?
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