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  1. Solved my issue! Thanks FastBurst.
  2. Call me report #2 - when I loaded the Client version for b173, my game froze after starting - during the main menu loading sequence. Reverted the file back to vanilla and it fixed the issue. I've never had issues with this mod before, so something's definitely not right this time around.
  3. Any chance of getting an A19 update for this glorious mod? The console hands back lots of red-script errors dealing with issues in recipes.xml - for some reason it's mostly the default gun recipes that are throwing errors instead of the modded weapons. Would really REALLY like to keep using this, if the author is still doing work on it.
  4. @madmole Good on ya'll for fixing asphalt, adding guns, and making everything higher def and silky smooth! 2 bugs I've run across: only one type of locker allows consecutive placements. All the others deny me the ability to have them line a wall. Also, was rolling thru Navezgane and spotted some random rock voxels floating over the desert. No idea what's up with these but they're also quite visible from the ground. I've attached pics.
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