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How to change texture / add light / apply glow effect on weapon?


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Hi, looking for info on how to do those stuff in title.. I'm trying my best to make my mods push automatically from the server, so working with stuff that are already in the game. I'm trying to do things like:


- use the iron club model with an iron/steel texture over it, to make that a new tier of club


- add a glow effect or some lightning from the weapon, for legendary version of items


any other ways to add customizable effects to weapons are welcome! Right now I use the tint stuff, but it's messy because of the dying mods also there


I'm playing around some stuff I found on other xml like blocks.xml, but didn't get the results in game so far. Oh, another question: are there new particle effects on A17? I have the list from A16


thanks!!! :)

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thanks guppy, unfortunately I haven't been able to replicate light even from stuff like the light mods (for helmets). I believe I'm missing something or it's hardcoded for certain classes, like the door thing I posted on another topic. I was able to add light with the fire particles but it wasn't customizable, kinda not what I wanted.


I appreciate the help tho.. still wanna try some more things. Do you happen to know if we can force another texture on the item? (from the vanilla atlas).

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I believe you mean we can mod by referencing unity3d files? If so, those wouldn't be pushed from the server, right?


well.. I guess I also have to look for some more basic info. It's been rough to find proper updated guides, a lot of info is split as tutorials that reference stuff for other purposes (like SDX) and tutorials that assume previous knowledge. I just wanted something like "this is the list of properties an item can have in A17" :c


btw I was looking exactly for something like the texture property blocks have.


Again, I'm thankful you have been trying to help

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