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Explosive damage


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I dont know if explosive damage is bugged or am I doing something wrong.


Pipe Bombs says:

Ranged damage 0

Block dmg 0

Explosion radius 5


so they do no damage at all?


Than I also I checked rocket launchers and explosive bolts on crossbow. They are very ineffective - so my question is did TFP intentionally "nerfed" the explosive weapons or are they just bugged at the moment?

I never used much of them, since they damage blocks, but I was about to pick pipe bombs as quest reward just before horde night and i noticed that.

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Explosives aren't 'bad', they're just *slightly* weak.


90 Damage by default for pipe bombs and unaffected by Perception isn't enough to outright kill a zombie, but nearly so.



Mines are just as bad. The only mine worth using is the airfilter mine, as it's the only one with damage over 100 (185) The standard pressure plate mine is the most cost efficient, though, at 75dmg. Still.. duct tape. That ♥♥♥♥'s expensive.

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