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It would be nice if the game started PAUSED ... and other things.


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Creating a world takes me 20 - 30 min.

I don't want to stare at the screen that long waiting. So I wash the dishes.

Some time later I look over and in 7DTD I am standing in the middle of the street waiting to start the beginner quest and the clock is ticking away or I am being eaten. (Single Player - unlisted 1 person server type of deal.)


World Creation: 30 minutes.

Continue saved game: 4 minutes.

Respawning: less than 1 minute (great improvement here)


Random Gen standard size preview map. 30 minutes.

( worst controls ever. FTP .. this needs help. Add it to the list :smile-new: )


Need a Toggle action for running. My pinky finger is developing it's own muscle groups at this point.


Automatically punching things after placement, now I have to fix that wood frame after placing it, before I can pick it up again. ( temporary solution. Stand further back when placing it )


Sounds are wonky: Far away zombies sound near. Lots of wrong sounds for different actions.


Apparently, radiation has mutated the baby Elk into Llamas.


Add the skill to milk bears.


One day.... water physics.

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Do advanced world generation and it just creates the map separate from starting the game. Just don't look at the preview map if you want to be surprised (Guess where snow and desert will be... :p)


Once the map is generated back out of the advanced generation screen and start your game. No worries this way.

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Did not know the world gen worked that way.

It takes so Long I was too afraid to try.


Im just exploring world gens for now. I play to horde night and the start over.


Waiting for world gen / skyscrapers to get fixed before I invest any time on a map.

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