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Can the visual effect from bleeding be removed?


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The annoying watercolor effect that fills the screen when youre bleeding cuts my fps to barely double digits. Is it possible to remove it without removing the bleeding debuff entirely? Or barring that, to just disable bleeding so my poor laptop doesnt catch fire when I get surprise butt-sexed by a vulture?

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Yes. Go to config\buffs.xml


Look for ModifyScreenEffect with a blur value after it. Should come in pairs, one 0.5 and one 0.


Change the 0.5 to a 0. There are a few of them, I just went through with search and turned anything with "blur" to 0.


I also did the same with "hot" and "cold" which got rid of the orange and white screen outlines when a temp shift happened.




PS - Would be nice if someone did this in xpath form! I haven't even looked into how to set it up yet else I'd do it for ya, sorry.

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