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Chain Link Fence recipe suggestion


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[QUOTE=Pwnlord;146388]I'd actually make them out of Metal Strips between Iron Pipes. A lot cheaper, and chainlink fencing already uses pipes for posts 90% of the time.[/QUOTE] I had thought of that (Strips between Pipes) - and it was actually my first take on this ... but ... The overall goal is to represent the "bouncy" hardiness of a chain link fence at an appropriate resource cost. This recipe came about because I felt that metal strips would make the object too cheap compared to say Iron Bars (the next equivalent object)...however making it an all pipes recipe would probably be "realistic" crafting -- but somewhat ignores adding something to the cost to offset the added benefit of the basic chain-link fence being climb-able. It would also be entirely appropriate to retain this recipe and ratchet up the hardiness -- something I had also considered, making the base chain-link as tough as Iron Bars (8/200/15) and then the reinforced tougher still (11/267/20) Ultimately it comes down to finding the appropriate balance of recipe cost vs. product crafted...and that is as much a developer judgement as anything else.
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