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  1. Agreed. We've been asking for this for ages. That said, bunker bases are brokenly good, so that's probably why this hasn't been implemented.
  2. I mean, vultures are attracted to BICYCLES. I think Vultures just have a hateboner for wheels.
  3. Basically, I want to make my vehicles faster, more durable, and more lethal. There would be universal upgrades (Frame Reinforcement, Ramming Prow) and ones exclusive to motorized vehicles (Turbocharger, Supercharger.) Frame Reinforcement would just raise the health of your vehicle, and Ramming Prow would increase damage to zombies hit by it, possibly outright killing weaker ones. The Turbocharger and Supercharger would both boost stats at the cost of increased fuel consumption-the Turbocharger provides a base speed and acceleration boost with little extra fuel consumption, at the cost of dramatically increasing fuel consumption when holding the Shift key. The Supercharger consumes extra fuel all the time, but increases top speed, acceleration and torque (c.f. the 4x4's hill climbing ability as compared to the motorcycle). A Motorcycle with a Supercharger will be able to climb hills, and a Truck with a Turbocharger will be able to accelerate better and top out at a higher speed-but a Motorcycle with a Turbocharger will always be faster, and a 4x4 with a Supercharger will be able to climb sheer walls and run down even Demolishers.
  4. 550 XP and 350 Dukes is nothing unless you're under Level 5 and then it's just a bare respite from starvation or a mag or two of ammo. Scaling with level might be nice, or make them half to a quarter what you get from a regular PoI clear/fetch mission.
  5. Gotta agree. Though c'mon, when are we going to get bandits? They were supposed to be in Alpha 16!
  6. Yeah, I've run into two heat hordes already, and I'm only on Day 14.
  7. My main problem with these is, what do they add? What resources can you harvest primarily from same? What reason does the player have to go there? The Burnt Forest has ♥♥♥♥loads of coal and easily-visible bird nests. The Forest has a wide variety of game, lots of trees, and Nitrate Ore. The Desert has a potent healing crop (Aloe) and an easily-foraged edible (Yucca Fruit) on top of Oil Shale at the cost of being extremely hot. The Plains have, in Random Gen at least, wild Corn and excellent sightlines. Et cetera. What is the Bog's principle forageable? What is its primary ore? Why does the player want to go there, other than the aesthetic?
  8. Certain items like the Workbench require various items to craft. This can get expensive, now that higher-tier items cost more. What if you could intentionally craft lower-quality items? Select a Perk Tier from the Skill Menu or from the crafting screen itself, then craft your item. This avoids punishing the rushing of perks and streamlines the early game somewhat.
  9. Pwnlord

    Ravenhearst Mod

    This looks like a lot of fun. A thought: why not have traders Request certain items? Like, XYZ ammo, specific guns/tools/weapons, rare decorations, etc. That way, players have a reason to hang onto more random crap.
  10. Basically your best bet is to hit up a Trader for tasks, pick Tools as your reward, use those to get Iron (by mining, don't scrap them), and then use the forge at the Trader to make the Nails. Or, do what people here have suggested.
  11. Dammit, I spent a point on Charismatic Nature instead of Better Barter. How can I fix this?
  12. The devs have been steadily and specifically removing single-use items from the game. If realistic beekeeping interests you, check out a game called Vintage Story.
  13. This is already implemented in a fashion. The random stumps you see around the world drop honey when cut down sometimes-about once in five, as a matter of fact.
  14. Unless I'm missing something, world-generated beehives don't regenerate, and cannot be harvested non-destructively. I rather liked the Zombie Bees before they got removed, but they're not coming back as apparently they were embarrassing, somehow. I'd be perfectly fine with Radioactive Bees-Grace in Bob's Boars shows they're entirely possible-but I'm unsure if we'll be getting those back ever. So, in the meantime, why not let players craft their own Beehives? 2-4 Honey, 20 Wood, 40 Plant Fiber, maybe some nails. Can be harvested every couple of days for Honey based on the Player's Living Off The Land skill, at the risk of releasing a bee swarm that does damage to any uncovered skin on the player model. Could also introduce Smoke Bombs that pacify the bees, too.
  15. The other reason is that Pistols of under Green quality and Faulty Shotguns are completely worthless-the materials for the Repair Kit to return them to full value cost more than the Pistol or Shotgun will return, making their only utility temporary self-defense and later scrapping for Mechanical parts. Make it possible to combine them, and you get a higher-value result without having to craft your own at exorbitant expense.
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