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[MOD A17] SP Perk Mastery


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So a big concern for single player play-throughs for the game was the fact you couldn't level and get all the skills. So first up is a very small mod for leveling points.


Here's the download:



Unzip the folder into:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods"


Or wherever you customized the installation of Steam's games. Once unzipped the mod is just loaded when the game loads and you are good to go.


- Mod reduces XP to level by 1/3rd (from 9545 XP to 6300 XP for level 1).

- Increases points given per level to 3, you can change this easily if you look at the progression.xml in the config directory for the mod. Both settings can be easily changed. Enjoy single player mastery.

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ya, you have all the points by level 274(max level is 300, i had 26 left at max level)


leveling too fast can cause issues with not being able to build an appropriately defendable base by day 7 since fall damage doesn't work and traps don't seem to help much. horde nite seems to be calculated based on your level and number of days alive, plus something else(i guess, day 7 had a score of 453 for me, not sure what all goes into it)

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