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QUESTION: Custom Loading Video/Screen


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Has anyone figured out how to make or add a custom loading screen or video on startup yet? I seen in Ravenhearst they had custom music and background not sure how they did that.


I am looking for a way to add a short video on startup or custom screens when loading to tell a quick story for my server I am working on. I know how to do the initial popups when a new player joins which is "OK" but want to give a way better experience.


Not sure if anyone has attempted this or even knows how if its possible.


I mean sure I can create a separate EXE that has this and then launches the 7D2D exe but that seems a bit extensive. just to do do that.

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Video, no.


Loading screen is fairly easy. It's in one of the .asset files in the 7DaystoDie_Data directory. Pretty sure it's either sharedassets0 or sharedassets1.


But the main menu screen is in there as well. :)


Now, the issue is that it's client-side ONLY. So it won't work on a server.

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