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Server keep crashing with Starvation?


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So 3 weeks ago I took a server and installed the mods Starvation and now server keep freezing several time a day and I have to reboot. Wasn't do that at first.

I didn't change anything important I added my general stuff, speed drink..... Like 5 things.

I tough it was because the admins were playing with the command on, dm-cm constantly (I heard it can crash server). I have botman since a week an half, can it be that? Because it seem the crash started around when I installed it.


I have Compo-pack too. I know its big and plan to have a clean up on what we keep or not.


My server hosting is GTX, maybe its not enough good to host a mod like Starvation?


Any suggestion, feedback anything that can help cause I really don't know wth is happening.



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