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  1. Some good stuff there, BUT the mod tends to force grind based leveling over strategic leveling. Broken arms/legs and infection remain even after death and many death. Too many steps for basic crafting. Too much *****, I understand why there is not many servers with that mod. Will not play again. and sadly certainly not recommend it.
  2. Anyone can help with that? Where do I add the line in the Xui/windows.xml? A bit of explanation would be great. I did in the past but I don,t remember, also I'm using the mod DF. Thanks
  3. Me again. I have been attempting to edit the stacknumber of some stuff in the game like ammo... When I edit them and hit save, I reopen them to make sure the changes have saved which they have. However, once I restart the server and load into the game It reverted back to default. What I am doing wrong? I tried in Data/config which appears to not be the folder then Saved/world/DFalls-Large1/NameOfTheMap/configsDump and same result. OMG FORGET THAT I found it. For the one that have same problem there where is the damn file to change lol /M
  4. @KhaineGB If you want? I know the large lab is currently hooked up as a T5 fetch quest. What it is?
  5. Is there any new Challenge and Quest we can add to the mod? I saw somewhere there was a demon challenge that reset the lab so you can do it.
  6. Any reason? Or any good seed name you know with lots big town.
  7. Can you use the map generator for this mod?
  8. Best server hosting for that mod is??? Thanks
  9. How do we update the game with the mods launcher?
  10. I dl the mod with 7d2d launcher but when I launch the game I have a black screen, nothing happening. Any idea why? NVM its not EAC. lol Not much server with that mod, sadly.
  11. Zombie Move Speed: Run So they run during the day. The rest of your setting is just what we are looking for except zombies move speed. I wish they were not running lol.
  12. Pitty the server Last Light zombies run during day all the setting is low and what we are searching.
  13. Hello, I'm tired to change server every week because most server are too easy, too much loot... We are looking for a nice PVE place to play with prefabs or compopack, maybe some mods that we don't need to dl, with or without Botman but the most important lower loot, its a zombies apocalypse damnit, loot should be rare lol.
  14. I really love the Nitrogen the road, the terrain is awesome but I have some problem the way building are use multiple time in the same town, I can have 3 huge church in the same city... In a map I just generated (using compopack) there is the pastebin and 3 example of building near each other; https://pastebin.com/F5PQKMNi <decoration type="model" name="xcostum_ArtGallery(by_Wsiegel)" position="-2665,47,2749" rotation="1" /> <decoration type="model" name="xcostum_ArtGallery(by_Wsiegel)" position="-2560,47,2283" rotation="2" /> <decoration type="model" name="xcostum_N
  15. Petite

    Highope's Modlets

    Hello, awesome work with the wiki tv. I have a question, I tried to change the wiki events (I dont use it) to make it wiki bosses to give information about the bosses in the game but for some reason it doesnt work. I changed the name of it in windows, blocks and xui.xml. Not too sure what I did wrong.
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