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What settings do you use for your games?


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What settings do you use? I use mostly defaults except for Day length I set to 90 min, airdrops show on map to on, and diffculty I go between warrior to survivalist, zombies feel too tanky on vanilla on insane.


I am intersted in how many people play on zombies never run (Stops normal zombies from running at night, specials will still run). I been debating on starting to use that setting because I find it silly that normal zombies can suddendly be able to run just because it got dark out. Special ones sure, i'm fine with that.

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- Insane Difficulty

- 120 min Days

- Drop backpack only on death

- No Loot respawn

- No airdrops

- 32 zombie hordes


Rest is vanilla.


Unless I'm playing Dead is Dead in which case I choose all the absolute hardest settings including zeds always run...


...and fully expect to die within 3 days.


I made it to day 30 once. That was just LUCK and anyone who tells you it isn't is kidding themselves.

A wandering horde can kill you at any time. :crushed:

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2 player private server


loot abundance 25 %

no respawn

no air drops

40m day (we are old we don't like change and the longer days make the game way too easy)

default settings for the rest


enforced rules

no wood frame exploit

no mole base

no deathdrop pits

no infinite water source in the base(s)

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Difficulty: Nomad to Insane, but usually 1 step above nomad. Rather have tons of zombies than few that take dozens of arrows to drop.

Daylight length: 18

Zombies run: Default

50 minute days

Block durability 100-200%

Loot 50-150% (Usually 50% me playing sp, 150% if I am hosting a world for the troops)

Loot respawn 30 days

Drop on death everything

Zombie count 16 - 64

Mark airdrops on



Have done what LuckyStar did, Dead is Dead with all the hardest settings including zeds always run, got to day 7 once, rest were very short.

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