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need help with an edit :)


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im trying to make it so my turrents no longer require ammo, ive tryed adding infinite ammo= "true" in the blocks xtml but no luck
I tried that once, and didn't get it to work, so I made a "dummy"-ammo, increased the stacksize to 20,000 and made it craftable with 1 wood.
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im getting ERR loading and parsing 'recipes.xml' (no item/block with name AutoGunRounds' existing


this is my recipe


<recipe name="AutoGunRounds" count="100">

<ingredient name="wood" count="100"/>



this is what i replaced my autoturrent ammo with


<property name="AmmoItem" value="AutogunRounds"/>


and this is in my items


<item id="1026" name="AutogunRounds">

<property name="Meshfile" value="Items/Weapons/Ranged/Pistol/9mm_bulletPrefab"/>

<property name="Material" value="brass"/>

<property name="HoldType" value="21"/>

<property name="Stacknumber" value="20000"/> <!-- STK ammo -->

<property name="CraftingSkillGroup" value="craftSkillGuns"/>

<property name="EconomicValue" value="14"/>

<property name="Group" value="Ammo/Weapons"/>


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