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  1. hello im finding alot of these buildings are in ruin, is that done on purpose or am i having a bug?
  2. nope its def java 64 Edit: had to download the offline 64 version to get it to work, everything was telling me i already had 64 tho
  3. im getting an error when im trying to use nitrogen since i reinstalled windows, it keeps saying i need java 64 to run and i already have that on my pc
  4. i play solo and im trying to find a way to make my bed roll have a larger deadzone, and wizards out there that can help
  5. is there any way to increase a blocks max load? ive had a look at blocks.xml and i cant see anything there that relates to load
  6. this doesnt seem to work for me now since the update
  7. ty guys ill try both an see how it runs Edit: i think the prob im having is i was using a 16k nitrogen map on a 8k map i can run on ultra with very low fps drops
  8. hay im running AMD FX 8350 eight-core 4.0GHz Nvidia GEforce GTX 1050ti Vram 4096mb 16GB DDR3 ram ive been trying to find the best fps vs looks, any suggestions?
  9. hello im having a little prob with A18 my buildings are looking like this till im right in front of them, any ideas how to fix? ive already done a reinstall
  10. what is gfx dt? and is there a way to undo it? the lighting seems way to bright with it on
  11. is there a way so loot bags dont drop every kill?
  12. is there anyway to make the boxes bigger? theyre a little to small for my old man eyes lol
  13. are there any working mods out there that reduce zombie block damage to 0? the ones on nexus dont work or bug the zombies out
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