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Quest Lines


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I can't wait to try the new quests in the next release, they look great!


Could they be chained together somehow in the future to make a quest line?


A quest-line idea: "Build & Drive"


Each step of the quest line will put the player in a location that has more loot, and supplies stashed around the quest zone. The reward is basically higher drop rate than the standard wasteland areas but, also more zombies.


1. Player comes across a park info station. The map shows the first stop of the quest.




"Three locations need to be defended from zombie waves. Use the supplies in the crate below to help setup a base at location x. Survive 5 nights there and an aircraft will drop off ammunition and a map to move to your next location."


Quest rewards: "Each location has increased food, supplies and schematics that will allow you to survive the wasteland."


2. Player runs to the first location

3. They get maybe a night of quiet to use the supplies from the park info station to build. The location might have a few hidden crates around that will give them more supplies to build with. (perhaps they become available after each wave coming ahead)

4. Spawn rate goes up to normal like a city spawn

5. First wave maybe day 3

6. Second wave day 4 - a bit rougher maybe new zombie types

7. Third wave day 5 (last wave) hardest

8. Plane drops a crate with instructions for the next location


Transport to the next quest


* Maybe a temporary vehicle is hidden in a garage that can be used to drive to the next location, and breaks down on a timer so it can only be used to get to the next spot (if the next spot is very far)

* Maybe they need to zip line on a path to get to the next area

* Maybe the next area is at the top of a building, or a mountain and they need to climb a dangerous ravine, etc

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