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Host more than one server?


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I want to play with my daughter, who's time is limited. So i want one server up 24/7 for her remote connection at her leisure. Now if she only plays an hour a day that does not cut it for me. So i need a SECOND Server which i can play for the other 23 hours. now you get it? one up 24/7 for my daughter and friends to access at any time.. and one i can play while waiting to play with my daughter. they don't want me in their world 24/7 incrementing the clock and getting ahead of the game.


So i need to run 2 servers dedicated on this machine i play on.. cus my other two winblows crashed installing hdhomerun software. The problem i have is that when i run a server it does not always show up in task manager. task manager when it does show up does not uniquely identify the (which) server that is running In my mind i should be able to have launch.bat and serverconfigwithsamename.xml for each server i want to run, why should i have to configure anything else.. with multiple game installs etc? if i launch separate server configs which use separate world names separate ports shouldn't it work? Is there a common file that all dedicated servers use.. which when u run 2 it is corrupted? are you Forced to use separate installs?

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Hi, I have the same question as thornnn but it looks like the questions asked werent answered so the thread died. if possible i would like to pick up with the same scenario. i already have 1 server running for 4 or 5 friends and would like to do the same for a different set of friends. it is possible that both servers could have people playing on them at the same time.


- i have a second computer that does nothing but run the server, of an occasion google search, but its pretty free soley for the server


my server computer is:

- intel 8700k

- asus prime z370-a


- 32 gig ripjaws 2666

- 750w psu


i- win 10 64


is it possible to run 2 servers that could be logging in to at the same time also allowing my on a different computer on my same network to log in to 1 or the other??



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