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Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe NV360: Best Vacuum Review


Shark is currently one of the Top Vacuum Cleaner Brands hqjTMBG.gifon the market and it is not without a reason that their products are so loved. The company has been constantly pumping out excellent vacuum cleaners with powerful cleaning performance at a fairly affordable price, so it’s not at all surprising that their products are always at the top of bestselling charts.


If you’re not convinced about the quality of Shark brand vacuum cleaners, the Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe NV360 might be able to change your mind. If you’re on the market looking for a powerful, good vacuum cleaner, the NV360 is one of the best options that you can get.


Amazing Cleaning Performance


One of the things that this upright, corded vacuum is lauded for by many consumers is the great suction power that the electric motor produces. In all of our tests, the NV360 did not have trouble at all picking up dirt, dust, and debris up from hardwood floors and small, short pile carpets (keep in mind that the vacuum might not be able to handle deep-pile carpets). The vacuum can also handle upholstery fairly well, too.


When fitted with the pet hair tool that comes in the box, the NV360 also did a great job at handling small particles of pet hair, known to be a tough challenge for every vacuum cleaner. Pet owners will surely love this vacuum and can benefit a lot from it.



Lift-Away Mode


If your house has stairs, the Lift-Away mode will help immensely with cleaning the steps. With the mere click of a button on the wand, you can detach the motor and the dust canister from the rest of the body. The vacuum can be transformed from an upright to an incredibly flexible and lightweight canister vacuum in just a couple of seconds. This is the feature that sets Shark Navigator Lift vacuums apart from the rest of the upright vacuums on the market.


Intuitive Design


With the Lift-Away mode and a set of easily accessible, simple-to-use buttons on the vacuum, there’s no faulting the NV360 in terms of ergonomics. Not to mention, the vacuum looks quite clean and pleasing to the eyes, giving it a plus in the aesthetic department, too.


This best rated vacuum is equipped with a water-rinsible HEPA filter, which can prevent allergens, dust, and dirt to leak out of the dust cup and endanger the health of your family members. This component is especially important if your house has allergy sufferers.


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However, there are a couple of things that we have got to complain about. The vacuum is quite top-heavy, so it tends to tip over at the slightest nudge in the wrong direction.


The suction hose is also fairly short. This gives it a much higher risk of it accidentally tipping over while cleaning. Since the vacuum itself is constructed out of plastic, the risk of it being damaged is high enough that it would best if you were to be on your guard while using this vacuum cleaner.



Wide Range of Accessories


You will get four tools right out of the box: The pet power brush, the dusting brush, crevice tool, and a wand for cleaning underneath appliances and furniture will surely make your cleaning tasks easier.




The Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe NV360 is currently among the Top best vacuum cleaners 2fu9CPs.gif on the market. From what we’ve seen, it deserves its reputation. While we recommend that you do a little bit more research before you put your money down for a new vacuum cleaner, you won’t be disappointed by choosing this best rated vacuum.




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