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  1. Are P2W servers allowed via TFP TOS? https://www.afterlifeservers.com/product-category/vip-donation-packs/
  2. overall - pretty good. glad to see a lot of what was taken out in A17 has returned. need some balancing and critical fixes in these departments; iron resources are too sparse. mining needs to return similar amounts to other ores. you get ~40-50 iron per ore vs 100 for coal/nitrate, the curve for XP gain feels exponential. i understand the notion of pushing it out so that everyone can't get to max level by day 100, but this needs to be flattened some. it's day 210, i'm level 70, and it's a massive chore to get the next level (several hundred thousand XP per level), fortbi
  3. Me too. - - - Updated - - - I don't mean this in a derogatory way. But... are you on the spectrum? Maybe just a little?
  4. Yea, score doesn't matter because there is an overiding aspect beyond digital numbers on a board. That aspect is to take other people's stuff. I hate sports for exactly the reason you have stated. What part of this game is meant to be a sport? You're dissecting my milkshake example, comparing it to your personal opinion of a different aspect of your liking, and missing the point. Yea, the rewards don't change for me for the first 3-4 days of low level gameplay. You're right! We finally agree on something. If you read on, you would find that your recommendation of restoring loot t
  5. I didn't do a good job of quoting his arguments and framing my responses. I'm not pro/against the scoreboard in it's current incarnation. I was just using it to support my argument that making my numbers bigger on it is not a reward to me.
  6. A scoreboard is meaningless because it has no value. It's like that Drew Carey show from the 90's, "Whose line is it anyways?". The points don't matter. If points were all that mattered to me, I would be happy with CS Go because I would strive for a high-tier ranking and positive k/d at the end of my matches. The scoreboard that we already have doesn't really matter. You might look at it to gage whether you are going to trust someone that has 45 player kills, but other than that it's useless. The current system, where there things at stake for both parties involved in raiding or protecti
  7. PVP has long been the whipping boy because every problem is magnified 10x in a competitive game environment. When there are problems, it is always the PVP'ers voicing the complaints first and loudest. I'm sure that's why Madmole had gotten so negative about it in the past.
  8. I'm not one either. But I am an engineer. And your last statement is pretty lol-worthy.
  9. Roger that. Options a plenty. Good. Aside from those main technical fixes, the sound system needs to be dialed back in to something more reasonable. I talked about this in an earlier post in this thread. Those really are the big picture things in my mind. If you're truly soliciting ideas; Player built arena's/deathmatch areas are a cool thing that modders have been playing with for awhile now. It's PVP and fits the genre of survival a bit too. Think gladiator-type deathmatches within the same world. If the dev's could formalize that into something that can be accommodated i
  10. So a central claim block is going to recompute the health of the claimed area after every bullet hit/tool swing? Don't you think that will be resource intensive?
  11. I don't think you're far off the mark. I would lump myself into that category too quite frankly. But I think he, as well as several others that have posted in this thread, are still trying to make a sincere effort to provide input and guide the decision making process. I suspect you could agree that my trepidation (and likely others) that are passionate about this topic are not without basis. Let's not frame the picture of how the conversation went after the fact to support your own interpretation of how the thread has evolved. I think there has been valid points on both sides of the
  12. Yea they are. Which is what and how I enjoy playing it. Gazz is talking about changing that. The only trouble is the proposed system (single scaling difficulty claim) will be very restrictive in terms of base design. It will also be very easily exploitable by the owner. As I understand it, the point was to create a disencentive to causing a lot of damage to a base. Well, everyone will just build a giant tower on one wood block. Defriend or get an ally to destroy that block. Then a large claimed structure will collapse causing the claim strength to spike thereby gaming the logic
  13. Do you have any statistics on how the playerbase is playing the game? Like... 80% of players are playing on single player/privately hosted servers. Eliminate the console population from that too. Why do you keep calling us hardcore PVP players, as if you are putting us in a category to foreshadow the oncoming dissapointment? There already is a way to "test the waters" with the claim strength modifiers. Set the mux at 64x and go to town. But you are operating on a playerbase's complaints when their negative experiences are 1 part tough-game-difficulty and 3 parts you-got-
  14. I'm glad you are supportive of those recommendations. We need you to relay this stuff to TFP and make the case for why it is important. Wanted to post a little snipit of a situation of what I just ran into recently. I've seen Madmole claim in the past that the duping only hurts those players themselves. Well... not exactly. I've been playing on a somewhat poorly adminned server for a few weeks. The server runs fine. It's just the owner doesn't play much and the mods aren't very active in trying to ban abusers. It was more heavily monitored when it was a younger server. But we
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