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Crash when quitting the game...


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I host a dedicated 7 Days to Die server along with some other dedicated servers (five Ark, three WoW) on professional hardware (think PowerEdge 2900 among others) for my friends and I to use. We had been playing on Navezgane for a while without much of any issues. However, we recently switched to random gen for the challenge and larger world, and now most of us have a very strange issue. After disconnecting from the server and dropping to the main menu, the game will crash when we click to exit the actual game. We get a black screen with a cursor and the only fix is to press CTRL+ALT+DEL and bring up the Task Manager, then end the process for 7 Days. There is also normally a window behind Task Manager which says something along the lines of "Oops, we crashed! Please tell the devs", though that is paraphrasing. I cannot click the OK button in that window either.


This only appears to happen on random gen maps and it happens on both Windows 7 Pro 64bit and Windows 10 64bit. I zipped up my crash files and attached them below. Hope it helps!


Well, it is too large to upload. I placed it on my clan site and linked it below.


Crash Dumps Zipped




I forgot to mention that we do not run EAC since we're all friends. The server has a password on it. Our seed is "xGHQzyt5312Bn".

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