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[PROPOSAL] 7DTD Meme Contest. Winner gets A17 Experiement Codes


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I'm not a fan of the plan to give streamers early access to an experimental build of an early access alpha, before everyone else, especially since the long wait and anticipation. However, with this situation, I'd rather make some lemonade out of these lemons. So, if TFP's are listening, I have an idea that might add a little more fun for the community to participate in, while we wait for A17.


A few weeks ago, the developers of an upcoming game, "World War 3", decided to host a little meme contest. The rules were simple. They posted a screenshot of soldiers from the game. The community had 3 days to make memes or really anything creative, but one of the two soldiers had to be included somewhere in the submission. The devs then chose 5 of their favorite submissions, and the winners got Steam codes for the game.

Here is the image the contestants had to use


Here are some results





So, why not bring this fun little event on over here? It would be a great way for the devs to also tease a new feature. An image of a new zombie type could be thrown up on the forum, with 3 days for fans to create whatever they want out it. Pick some winners, and give 'em Steam codes for the A17 experimental build. Or perhaps whitelist their Steam Account for ALL future experimental builds. Maybe just give them an extra 7DTD Steam code to give to a friend.


The contest with WW3 resulted in a ton of fun and hilarious/amazing submissions. It also gave fans something to look forward too while they waited for more trailers or news about the game. I'd love to see what this community creates, with just one zombie image.

Imagine what we could do with this.


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