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Player Spawn Points


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Everyone has done it at least once, you go on a looting trip far away from your base and place down a bedroll so you don't have to walk back from your base to get your stuff if you die. Then you finish looting and you have a bed at your base, one of the kinds that you make with springs and metal(expensive) and since you placed that bedroll you have ruined your spawn point on that bed. There is no way to put your spawn point back without placing another bed. You should be able to hold down Y (I'm on Xbox) on any bed and it would give you options just like many other objects. These options could consist of pick up bedroll and set spawn point on this bed or lock this bed and put a code on it so other players that know the code can set there spawn point on that same bed. If any one has something to add to this please do so.

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