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Sols "Pimp Dream" Mega Thread


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Nerd pole fix



Just FYI a nerd pole is when a player jumps and places a block under their feet over and over until they’re standing on a pole.

I think the way to fix the nerd pole exploit is to make it so players can’t place blocks while in the air.

This might make some building inconvenient and I have an idea on how to solve that too. Currently if you aim your crosshair very close to the edge of a block you can place a block on the face you can’t see. Here is a picture of this:


The area to aim at for this to happen should be expanded or maybe a shortcut key could be added and when it’s held it could expand the area to aim at. This would allow players can place blocks up high without jumping and it would make a lot more building easier.



Scaffold blocks idea



I also think that TFP should add a wood and metal scaffolding block to assist with base construction (NO NERD POLES!).

People often use frames to climb buildings instead of ladders, or build bridges over traps etc. and they only need a few frames that they can retrieve them. Lots of people think this is a bit cheaty since 8 frames can be picked up and reused as an endless ladder/bridge. But perhaps frame placement can be restricted to claimed area only if my scaffolding blocks are in the game. But restricting frame placement to claimed zone has some serious draw backs too like having to place land claim before building any structure.


The scaffolding blocks would function as follows:

  1. Same shape as Metal Trussing Block but functions as a ladder on all sides.
  2. (Optional) Can be placed anywhere but can only be picked up inside claimed areas (instant pick up timer).
  3. Both should have stability glue the same as wood and rebar frames.
  4. (Optional) Wood scaffold should require nails. The reason for this is to reduce people mass crafting them on the fly while scavenging to climb like people do with frames. This way if people want to climb POIs they need to use ladders and if they want improvised bridges they need to plan and craft blocks in advance.
  5. Metal scaffold crafted in forge.



Even without frame placement restrictions and scaffold pick up restrictions I still think a scaffold block should be added just to make building easier, especially if nerd poling is removed.



Minecraft style edge cling



Lastly I think that players shouldn’t fall off ledges or ladders when crouched (like in Minecraft).


Completely on board with you about the nerd pole nerf. Would love it if blocks could not be placed while player is in the air. This would also negate the jump off a building and place a haybale just before you land maneuver.


Scaffold idea is cool too.


Edge cling was brought up ages ago and I was a huge proponent of it. Madmole was decidedly against it. We were discussing it in the dev diary and he came on and said it would never happen. Whether he thought it would make the game too much like Minecraft (back then the game looked more like Minecraft and the devs were trying to differentiate) or whether he wanted a risk of falling when building we may never know. He just said, "I never have a problem falling off the edge of a building and there's no need for something like that" or to that effect.

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I'm sorry for my horrendous grammar in advance


I personally think there should be oil in the game so that you could make oil refinery's as well as natural gas this would allow players to refine oil into gasoline kerosene and any other types of fuel and it would allow players to produce electricity on a larger scale in the game as well run Transportation it should also be harder to find gasoline because let's just be honest you take a wrench and turn it on the car and that gives you like a thousand containers of gasoline every time that's just not realistic and by gas I meant Natural Gas As well like I said the oil that you get by making oil refineries and pumping it out of the ground could be used to produce other things like kerosene and other stuff. Along with say you use up all the readily available sources of gasoline in the area and you have to travel out incredibly far to go and get more it would be helpful if there were sources of oil so that way you would be able to pump it out and then refine it into gasoline. As well the whole idea of players going to war thing would require large amounts of gasoline to produce large amounts of energy and large amounts of gasoline to move equipment in vehicles and Stuff so all my ideas are chained together if I actually remembered to say all of my ideas would be more helpful. equipment in the game as well I think cars trucks and other vehicles should be implemented into the game with the possibility of reengineering them so that turrets can be attached to them as well I think there should be tanks which would seem overpowered but it would be an endgame vehicle due to the fact that it would take a large portion of resources to build and maintain as well I think there should be buses specifically because they could be redesigned into Mobile bases do to their large size as well as I think there should be planes as well as boats and ocean biomes as well as more waterways in general for them to be sailed Within and a larger selection of weapons and armor customisation as in say you get cloth you can use the cloth to insulate the armor as well paint the armor and add customized symbols that you yourself designed as well there should be a way to produce the necessary parts to create items weather being Vehicles armor or guns and weapons in general there should also be water purifiers as well as tameable rideable Horses and it should be possible for players to tame animals for livestock and or pets as well there should be more animals in general and do it be amazing if there were boss zombiesThere should also be a game moad specifically designed for player Warfare because the way the game is designed so far makes it perfect for such a game mode as well as all the vehicles I mentioned before would make it even more interesting and if there was an ocean biome and there were ships a little wild possibility of either Naval Warfare or Ocean trade routes as well it would be interesting if there were helicopters and a larger amount of melee weaponaIt would be interesting if in the game you could make poisons that damage zombies/players it will also be interesting if you could your ammunitions in Poison as well as melee weapons and a dark going to be an interesting addition as well as a war horn. The war horn could be in simplicity basically just a war or it could be used to call on hordes so say for example say you were going to war with your friend and you don't have the ammunition to fight him you could just Blow Your Horn to call in a horde of course I can see how overpowered this would be so it would be reworking before it was viable. And I haven't been able to play the game in a while so I'm not sure what's been going on but if there are dogs already which I think there are it would be interesting if you could armor your dogs and give them weapons as in a mechanical draw over there actual one kind of like a piece of armorIt be interesting if you could make rope Bridges and rope ladders hammocks would be a cool decorative item that could fill in as a sleeping bag. As well it be interesting if you could fish in the game and if Spears were implemented as well as Bennett's at the end of guns. Fire weapons for being interesting introduction. Having a glacier biome" the addition of natural disasters would make the game more difficult

Being able to make flags and door banners and customize them would be an interesting addition. More NPC players altogether would add depth to the game it would also be interesting if you could have NPC players move into the area you live in if it were safe enough for them and that would allow you to make your own Society with the NPCs. The addition of water creatures hostel and or not hostel would be good You should be able to make pumps so you can pump water from a water source to your base. I think you should be able to make cannons in the game as well as Zeppelins.

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Woah my thread got some activity and I am super late to see and respond, sorry guys.


Thanks for your vouch Roland.


In regards to the edge cling, the main reason I want it in the game is for when I try to build an overhang onto the side of a tall structure.

As I mentioned in the nerd pole section, expanding the aim box on the edge of blocks for the alternate placement would make that easier and would remove the need for edge cling.



I agree with nearly all the ambitions you have for the game within reason.

I'm sure guys in the dev team want the game to be that epic too.

Sadly there are limitations and all of the above would take TFP a lot of time and effort to pump out.

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