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Lost visibility of discovered map areas


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I was playing tonight as a guest (different ps4) on my gf's seed, "Dont Kill Me", think it was day 108 when we started. It was a while before I needed to check the map, but when I did, only the places I had been today were visible. Everything else I have ever discovered was grey.


My waypoints are still there, dispersed throughout the grey areas.


I thought maybe it would be back to normal next time I join the game. Apparently not though, as she crashed out a bit later and had to resume and reinvite me, but the issue was still there.


The console will remain unplugged overnight to test with a clear cache tomorrow, but any ideas in the meantime?

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Hi Duffmeister,


Thank you for reporting this. Interestingly enough another player reported this kind of behavior recently too, but it was occurring for the host on PS4 in that case. Was your gf's map behaving as it should?


Is everything else with your character correct? Levels, items etc?


As you were a guest it sounds like your map progress either wasn't saved or didn't load correctly. Did anyone else join the same map or did you join as a guest at any point (rather than your own profile) ?


My suggestion would be to clear the cache, however there is a high chance that the current map state has now been saved to your character when the game saved.


Can you confirm do you mean you were playing split-screen?


Do you remember anything unusual happening the last time you played before the map issue? Did the game crash / was the game exited without using the menu etc?


Thank you,


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If it was her seed on her system chances are clearing your cache will not help. Not sure if her clearing her cache will help either because like Clare said it probably already saved again and what you have now the last save will override what you did have. Based on my experience with this we couldn't get it to go back the way it was.


Maybe this next update with them optimizing things will solve this in the future. Really hard to say right now but cross fingers. In the mean time my only suggestion for now would be to save every so often like maybe once after every game play or every other game play and put it on a sd card or something. Then if this happens you might have to go back a few in game days but you will still have everything that was working and such.


In your case it would be hard to say because you said it was awhile before you looked at your map so you not sure when it happened. But if it does happen again and it hasn't been awhile before you catch it any information as to what you and or others was doing and such might help figure out what is causing it. But like I said maybe the next update we will not have to worry about this specific issue anymore.



Edit: after reading back on this when I say clearing cache will not help that kinda come across wrong. Both of you clearing cache will help but don't think it will help bring you map back to where it was.

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Thanks for the replies. Yes, the previous night the game crashed on her system when we were nearly done, and we decided to call it a night. Chances are this is what caused it.

I'll hope it was an infrequent thing, and that the next patch fixes it.

Also I'll advise my gf to unplug her ps4 for a while as there have been a few crashes lately and it won't do any harm to rule out a corrupt cache.

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Does your gf have a lot of lights in her save? That's the most common cause of crashes on the PS4. Or if it crashes when someone is in a particular area, check whats in the area and if lots of items (torches, lights, growing trees, woodframe windows, spikes etc) are causing a lag buildup.


Generally 10+ lights in a small area is enough to start causing lag buildup.

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