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7 days to die wont connect

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This isn't fair. My friend gifted me today and I immediately buggy. Like, I can join no one games, even private games. This is extremely anger. I've reset my Xbox, uninstalled, reinstalled it. My connection is perfect.


I'm very disappointed my friend wasted money buying me this game today. He told me how awesome the game was, but how can I enjoy it if it disconnects me over and over? The only time I have it close is when he joined, and that barely lasted the game disconnected. I'm using an Xbox One. This needs a fix asap. I can't even enjoy the game, because it just won't connect to other games. I'm very disappointed. Money WASTED!


Also, the game basically will do one of the 2 things: either disconnect when waiting in search when in game, or give me false sense of hope and disconnect while starting game. And I'm using a downloaded version, not a disc. I just got the game today and can't even play multiplayer?


I don't use any of the glitched characters. I use Willie and also tried others, but no dice. I tried everything, and it's really making me angry that it friend bought me this game and can't even play with him?

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Hi Deathreaperedge,


I am sorry to hear you are having issues connecting to your friend and I understand the frustration this can cause. There are some connectivity issues surrounding XB1, but I will do my best to help you troubleshoot the issue.


Firstly, please use the list provided to give me as much information as possible about both your connection, and your friends connection. Please also answer the questions below as best you can.


Host or Client:

Upload Speeds (while playing the game):

Download Speeds (While playing the game):

NAT type:

Wired or Wireless connection:

Internet Service Provider (ISP):

Router connected to console:

How many console connected to same router:


Has the host -> Client relationship always been the same? have you swapped roles and tried connecting that way?

Can you connect to any random games not hosted by your friend?

Can your friend connect to games other than ones you are hosting?

If you are using wireless, have you tried a wired connection?


As a side note, Characters are no longer glitched, this was fixed in Patch 1.


Thank you,


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Sorry for such a long response i barly use these sites but its really annoying but i did see something weird i used a router and the game worked perfectly but if i use the xfinity version even doe they both are fast it seems using that version disconnects me for no reason my download speed is 24 mbps latency 67 upload speed 5.44 wireless strength 100 mtu 1400. Ipv4 and ipv6 nat type open all service available and its wireless

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