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Simple Suggestion


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Just had a simple thought on two features


1. Searchable Secure Boxes: A Search bar for the secure box as you type it removes the non-needed items to you lock down what your searching for. I know this is more aimed towards people that use the Mods that extend the box sizes but could be useful for Vanilla as no matter how small my wife can never seem to find what she needs.


2. this is more aimed at @Fataal we have a drawbridge to enter our base and on horde we raise it but the zombies relentlessly run up the ramp and fall down and then do it again and don't even attempt to reach us 5 blocks over behind concrete support polls, is there anyway to make them try once or twice and then try remapping to the player?


3. Warm Drink: We have drinks to heal, drinks to rehydrate, drinks to cool but no drinks designed by warming. Was thinking a simple solution would be Tea made from Grass and Clean Water giving a boost to your warmth good for the snow or cooled areas.


4. Map Sharing: I always ask for this and hope one day we will be able to share maps or just have a universal map on the server as people discover more everyone sees it. Would help when me and the wife go scouting.

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When I played with my friend on PS he would sort things as they went in. One corner or line would have healing, another would be drinks, etc..


I still keep multiple chests so that one has food/healing, another has general crafting supplies, and the third has everything with a quality rating. There is also the button at the top that sorts things, which would destroy your sorting method but group stacks of the same item together.




The "warming" edibles are the stews. Meat stew lists +60 fullness and +6 wellness with warming, but seems to give 84 fullness. It's not convenient, but it is fitting since heat makes you thirsty and cold makes you hungry.

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