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[PS4] Poured concrete dries during game paused


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Game Type: Private game

Map Type: Random Gen

Seed/Save Name: Solo 116

Disk or Digital: Disk

DLC: None

Character: madmole

Difficulty: Warrior

Run: Default

Aggression: Normal

Day length: 18

Drop On Death: Everything

Enemy memory: 60

Enemy Spawning: 100

Block durability: 100

Loot respawn time: 5

Loot abundance: 100

Airdrops: 24

24 hour cycle: 60 minutes

In-game Day: 352

Game system: PS4 Pro


Hi Clare,


I am busy building my concrete castle using rebar frames and concrete mix. I had upgraded about 100 blocks to poured concrete and then someone called me and I put the game on pause. After I returned to the game 15 minutes or so later and after I unpaused the game all the poured concrete immediately turned to reinforeced concrete. (After that the game crashed and I had to restart the game). I tried this a second time and the same thing happened with the concrete (game did not crash immediately afterwards). It seems the timer for measuring the drying time of poured concrete uses the session play time instead of the time that has passed in game.

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Hi TheCheeta,


Thank you for reporting this.


Can you confirm if you paused the game while in the same area / facing all the wet blocks you had placed? I shall pass this onto the team for testing to see if we can replicate. The fact that you could replicate it yourself means we should be able to do so ourselves on this end. Can you confirm when paused that the game was left alone, nothing was in the background while accessing menus etc before returning to the game?


I think you're right that concrete must be using the session timer or the timer on the console rather than the actual play time.


Thank you again for taking the time to report in detail, if the team has any further questions I'll post them here.


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Yep, Sandman2838 and Damselx1 you are correct, you can only pause local games.


My bad TheCheeta, I should have confirmed if by private you meant private multiplayer with no one else or your own single player game. But the team has confirmed for me that the timer for the session should is only paused in local (even if you're in a multiplayer save on your own.).


This however does still not explain the crash. Please let me know if the game does not visually change in the background when in the menu (assuming you are not in a local game)? The sudden visual change could be a factor.



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Hi Clare,


Sorry for the confusion, it is indeed a local game. This is what happens:

- I place (a lot of) rebar frames and upgrade them

- I pause the game, then at that time nothing changes in the background. The poured concrete blocks don't change.

- After a little more than 15 minutes I unpause the game.

- The game almost simultaneously updates the blocks to reinforced concrete


I tried it another time and this time the game crashed almost immediately afterwards, however the game now has the tendency to crash about every hour, whatever I am doing.

(One time I went back to the main menu to prevent a crash, so closed the playsession and restarted the playsession, but about 10 minutes later the game crashed anyway.)

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Thanks TheCheeta - with this info we have been able to replicate the issue. We have not managed to cause a crash yet (that could be because this is a fresh save we started) but we did manage to cause severe lag. It seems like even though the game is truely paused, the concrete is running on the system timer, causing it to pop to dry when unpaused.


I've submitted a report to the team to alert them to this so they can investigate a fix. Thank you again for reporting this.


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