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Could use a little bit of help.


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I am tired of the 7 Days to Die hosting companies and all the bull♥♥♥♥ that can go with it so my friends and I decided to put up our own server. We got everything installed and turned it on but it keeps crashing. I looked in the log files and the error I keep getting is [steamworks.net] could not initialize gameserver. Not sure where I went wrong, any help is totally appreciated. Below is a pastebin link to my error files. Excuse the ip my friend changed them.



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Sorry for the delayed response.


Thanks for the reply but this is a linux box and we couldn't find how to repair steam on a linux box. Here let me give more details so you can have a better idea. My friend is hosting this on a linux box with no mods, we have tried restarting it, reinstalling it, turning off firewalls, reinstalling steam and verifying all files and still nothing seems to be working. I keep looking online and asking other friends if they have any ideas but no one seems to know how to fix this issue.

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Well, what ever you've done is a bit 'too far' in that I don't see:

"2018-06-11T20:21:17 12.530 INF Starting game"


At least in the previous state we know for sure that the server is running by the above line, but there is a problem with connecting to steam. We're not even getting that far now from the log you've given.


I think that at the point in the latest log it starts to load the server config file. Is that there?


Have you watched the various videos on how to install and run the server on linux? I'd go through at least one of them and verified 'everything' is done as they do it.

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Thanks again for the response. I showed it to my buddy that is actually hosting and this is what he said to post


Firewall is down and all ports are open. Removed steamapps folder - updated steam - have new steamapps folder. Removed the .config folder and started game.


WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'Suimono/effect_refractDroplets' - Setting to default shader.

WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'Suimono/effect_refractionViewDepth' - Setting to default shader.

WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'Code/GoggleEyed' - Setting to default shader.

2018-06-26T008:31 7.782 INF WorldStaticData.Init() needed 6.327s

Platform assembly: /home/7server/7DaysToDieServer_Data/Managed/System.Configuration.dll (this message is harmless)

2018-06-26T008:31 7.808 INF Awake done

2018-06-26T008:31 7.935 INF Atlas reset took 84 ms

2018-06-26T008:31 7.935 INF Atlas load took 125 ms

2018-06-26T008:31 8.011 INF NET: Starting server protocols


What would make steam not connect?

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Ahh Haa! Okay - since it's now updated steam and now we have Starting Server Protocols is a good sign.

In this post according to Alloc: "Unfortunately Steam isn't really helpful when it comes to finding out why their stuff errors out. Generic rule of thumb here: All ports for it must be unused (in your case here that would be 7778 and 7779, both UDP; you can see if anything uses them e.g. in Windows' Resource Monitor under the Network tab under Listening Ports).

Other issues could be some Steam shenanigans with the appid but that *should not* happen in your case. Anyway, if you want to run a dedicated instance and can spare the extra disk space I'd always recommend running the actual dedicated server build instead of the client build running as a server. Could help here but doesn't have to."


So checking to see if those ports are being used by something else... Hopefully you're friend has this box for just 7D2D and nothing else. That happens. Hopefully he isn't using that box to play on too...


OH! Those warnings are expected.

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Thanks again and yes that is the post you sent us to at first (or someone found it and suggested it) so as far as I know he did double check. I have asked him multiple times to double check. The box he is using is being used as a server box so it does have other things on it but he said they are all using different ports. Basically he said that it starts up and then just goes into the endless cycle of restarting itself and that is what he can't figure out now. We both appreciate the time you are giving to this so thanks again for your help.

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I'm using the server version, not client, unless the server package comes with the client build.


I read a few places the 64-bit version was not up to par so this is why I was using the 32-bit bin.


I know the issue revolves around the networking aspect.


I removed all the other ips on the box and the game starts.


I will try the 64-bit version now.

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