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Help with Localization.txt


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Hello, recently I picked up coding and moding 7DTD. I've never done it before so im learning as I got. Im cutting my teeth by making some new weapons and recipes to mimic Dead Islands weapon mods system. My idea was that you could learn more powerful shock and fire effects to put on melee weapons. So far I made a burning club and it worked, so i moved on to making the 4 fire buffs that can be placed on weapons. Each is progressively stronger than the last but uses more expensive materials and harder ways to obtain the recipe.

I have named each one but I realized that in game they are all still called "Burning" when i would prefer it to lable the buff on the weapon after its name. So the strongest, "Phoenix" would actually say "Phoenix" on the item information in game instead of "Burning". I found the Localization.txt and was going to try to add my own names and descriptions for each buff there and link them to their respective buffs, but that file seems a little complicated. I have no idea what I'm doing, what I can change, and how to properly add my own descriptions and names and link them so they work? If someone would be kind enough to break down just a line or two of Localization.txt, explaining in brief what each portion if the line does I think I could figure it out from there. And any help on properly linking that new name and description to a buff or a new item would be great, because of right now my flaming barbed club has the normal barbed clubs description and I want go fix that too. Any help would be much appriciated! Thanks!

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You can change the name of the buffs directly in the buffs file which is what most people do. Same goes for progression and sometimes quests, but you can use the localization files if you really want to.


but for buffs for eg you can just change these directly in the buffs file

name_key="burningSmall" description_key="burningSmallDesc" tooltip_key="burningSmallTooltip"


if the key is not found in the localization file it is read directly from the buffs file.


the localization file is mainly used for items and blocks, for eg.


Yellow is the id name of the item or block, light blue is basically a way to organize them into catagories which does not directly show up in game, orange is what that item ID is displayed as in game and red can be omitted if you only wish to use one language. Descriptions work the same way and if you use a comma in a sentence for a description you must enclose that languages text within quotations.


clubWood,items,Melee,KgNone,Wooden Club,Massue en bois,Holzknüppel,,Garrote de madera


clubWoodDesc,items,Melee,KgNone,A wooden club. Good for breaking knees and skulls.,Une massue en bois. Parfaite pour briser des genoux et défoncer des crânes.,"Ein Holzknüppel. Eignet sich dazu, Kniescheiben und Schنdel zu brechen.",,Un garrote de madera. Genial para romper rodillas y cabezas.


and to add a description to an item or block you add this to the item itself


<property name="DescriptionKey" value="clubWoodDesc"/>


and that is the key for the description of that item for its localization

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The thing is I tried this, I have my club "fireClub" and made a localization with fireClub nameing it Flaming Club. Then added fireClubDesc and made the destription. Then i went and typed that into my custom item but for some reason it won't display in game, the item is still called "FIRECLUB", it has normal barbed club description, and its buff is still "BURNING" not "Fire Modification".

For example this is what I wrote in a new line in localization.txt

fireClub,items,Melee,KgNone,Flaming Club,


And this was the description

fireClubDesc,items,Melee,Kgnone,A Flaming Club. Added chance for burning enemies.,


I also tied my new buff to a localization. My buff was called "weaponFire" so i could edit the damage rather than use burning.

weaponFire,buffs,Buff,Kgnone,Fire Mod,

weaponFireDesc,buffs,Buff,Kgnone,You are on fire. Get into water to douse it.,



I made all of these changes to names and descriptions and made my own in the loclaization file, but in game they don't seem to connect. Also you said if its not found in Localization.txt that it will try and find it directly from the buffs.xml? Does that mean anywhere in buffs.xml i can type out the localization information and it will read it from there? If so do I just write it as i normally would in localization.txt or do I have to write it differently?


Thanks for the help with understanding this, I hope my new questions make sense. :)



EDIT: im an idiot, it didn't save my updates to my items buff and descriptionkey, it still had the old info plugged in so it wasn't changing it because it wasn't told too >.<

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