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7 Days To Die crashing


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When i play this game approximately 2 hours still crash and i need restart pc because my pc freeze task manager ( ctrl + alt + delete ) not working :(


I trying all settings set to low and still crashing


CPU : i7 2600k 4,4 Ghz OC

GPU : RX 480 8 GB ( newest graphics drivers )

RAM : Kingston Hyper X 8 GB 2133 mhz

OS : Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

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No one reads the stickies. Which is why this post never got a response.

Got nothing to work with.


Yup! And in Steam I posted such... So far I would say that at least %48 of 'real' issues could have been 'self resolved' but 'everyone' wants and immediate and quick fix where they don't have to 'do any work.' Which is what many get in Steam.... So let them stay there! lol I also posted in The Dreams asking that new people be at least 'shown' or something to that effect on how to resolve issues; self help type thing. But you also get those whom think that any issue is a bug, etc... It might be nice to have a 'tree' setup where people can follow 'an issue(s)' through to posts for 'resolutions' and such by clicking on a tree in a subframe... But now you're talking about much more work, etc... Then you get like where 'we're' at now - a 'major' change where 'old issues' may disappear and resolutions may not equate to similar issues in the new way... But the time to do something is 'now' before gold...

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