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Draugr murderboss deathking playthrough

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Tonight I'm starting my first game in a while.


Last time I played I got to quite a high level with quite a nice house then died horribly to an all-feral horde. I've been lacking enthusiasm since.


Tonight that changes. No serious building until (let's say) level 100. Full guerrilla war against the undead, nomad style, full scale war, baby. I'll post updates as I play each session and perhaps screenshots if I remember to take them.

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Days 1 and 2 weren't unusual, I suppose, though they were for me. Instead of gathering resources and looking for a spot to build I wandered east from my start point.


I explored what seemed to be a mining outpost at the neck of the desert canyon, looted a couple of houses and a diner for a cooking pot and water, and found an old ruined highway leading to a city called Departure. I skirted around a skyscraper (hotel?) without pausing in case of dogs. I turned north at one point, following a river and occasionally having a dip to keep myself cool.


At the end of the second day I came across and cleared a petrol station. I'm still overheating and haven't found any clothes to help so the plan is to keep heading north.


At the moment I have not been lucky with loot, so have basic stone tools and a bone knife. I'm level 3. I bought skills in weapon and tool smithing and to reduce the effects of hunger and thirst. I have nearly 200 feathers from multiple vulture attacks.

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Nice to see you doing a walk about, Dad. Er....what’s with the thread title?


Online comic reference from my days playing Skyrim.




I'm normally the player character, building resources and skills on renovating a building from day one; a rather slow climb to high skill and level considering zombie slaying is incidental to keeping the project safe.


This play through I'm the draugr in the final panel, a murdermachine. No building, just killing and looting.


It's not a great joke but it amused me.



My friend joined me on day 3. I ran north to meet up with him. We cleared the top floor of the police station and semi-fortified it with frames at the top of the stairs and ladder access through a window.


We looted the school (experiencing the constant sleeper spawns bug) and considered doing the stadium, but decided not to because of his low level and the running dead. Instead we went south through a couple of small hamlets and settled for the night in an old ranger station.


As we called the session to a close I got a little shock on spotting a dog nearby. Must have had a dog horde run by without noticing. Next time I'll hunt them down.


I'm on level 7, or maybe 9, crafting level 150 tools and weapons. I've got the second ranks in Camel and Survivor and a couple in Sexual Tyrannosaurus. I'm still using stone tools. I've scavenged a couple of items of leather armour and have some useful clothing for temperature management.


Having fun, so far.

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Dead on day 7.


I was exploring west past the large lake and came across a cafe. I cleared it and was busy looting when I heard a window break,

running footsteps, and a bark.


Panic! I didn't want to be stuck in a tiny bathroom with a dog horde. I legged it out of the bathroom and out the front door straight into a pack of three dogs. Quick decision time; I leapt on to the nearest car and began killing. Once they were all dead I got down and ambushed by a cheerleader who had been sleeping/hiding behind a very nearby pillar.


I took care of her with my knife, turned to check my surroundings, and saw, too late, the wolf. It bit. I was slowed. It bit again. I managed to stab it once and then I died to a final bite as I tried to run away.


Oh well!

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