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Powercut while ingame - Now game has changed


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Street had a powercut while i was playing the game [was on morning 14] and after booting the game back up, the time was still the same but it was now classed as day 1. Checked all the items in my boxes and they're all still the same [as is character level/skill points] but it seems like the game has just reset itself to day 1.

I waited until "night 1" rolled around however though since if the days didnt reset it would've been night 14 horde but to no avail, was just a regular night [which i hope just shows the game thinks its back to day 1] and the game timer did tick over to day 2.

While looting houses however, i noticed not a single one had a sleeper in [bad luck or day 1 "luck"?] and the game file had been changed from SP > MP. Not so much of a biggie for myself but was wondering if this is just one of those things and to just carry on playing the game but now got a "headstart character" or do all those things add up to bad news?

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If you had some crops that was not fully grown before your power went out, it will be easy to see, if the game is broken. (planting new ones wont work)

You simply have to wait a few days to see if they grow to full plants.


If they dont grow to full plants, your time is messed up, and you need to roll the time "back" to day 14. And add yourself as admin.


After adding yourself as admin, you need your steam-64 ID, just go to %appdata% and find the 7 days folders and the "admin" file where you need to add a few pieces of info like your 64ID and your name, then start the game.


The command you are looking for, is <settime 14 8 0> without the <>. This will set the time to day 14 8am 00 minutes.


and if you continue to run as MP, you should "just" discard your game and find a nice PvE server. there are a few out there. I play on one right now, a Danish one, can be found if you search for "michonne". Just a reminder, always check the current "day" and do the "7 days math", to be sure it can be safely entered. Look me up, if you join, and I can get you some basic and decent iron tools (steel tools will ♥♥♥♥ with your stamina, even on boosters).



Time to go to work, QQ.....

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